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The Future of the New-MySpace

  • May 17th, 2013 by SEM Contributor
As the bulk of our days are consumed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and everything in between; we have begun to see a social media dinosaur come out of extinction but in a completely different form. Read more

Facebook and Timeline: Is it Just an Upscale MySpace?

  • November 8th, 2011 by Ann Smarty
If you haven’t heard, Facebook has a new user interface – one that they will be calling timeline (and for for that they are getting sued). It is something that is totally different from what the site looks like today. Instead of have a stream of things that just fall “into outer space” once they reach the bottom of the… Read more

The World’s Top Ten Social Networks

  • September 21st, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Social Networking has become a global phenomenon over the past 8 years and continues to grow year on year. So we’ve all heard of the big players like Twitter and Facebook, but there are thousands of Social Networking sites out there, many of which have been left by the wayside since the introduction of Facebook. Let’s take a look at… Read more

Research Essay: Do Ads Work on Social Network?

  • August 8th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Friends to Fans and Followers: To generate brand awareness for its Old Spice fragrance line, Procter & Gamble invited Facebook users to “Turn Up Your Man Smell” by becoming “fans” of its products. Within a week, the brand’s fan page had more than 120,000 new fans. Not content merely to draw fans to its Facebook page, the Red Robin… Read more

Promoting Music Online: Mix Social Media Channels To Reach Your Fans

  • March 15th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
In today’s fast-paced world of publicity and social media connections, you can freely and easily create and manage a professional PR strategy. Here’s how to build and control your online presence by mixing social media channels and being everywhere where your fans can be: 1. Keep Your Fans Informed. Channels: Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, ReverbNation, OurStage, email, etc. Let your website… Read more

Facebook Fueled Divorce: Let’s Stop Blaming Social Networking!

  • February 15th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Divorce lawyers are increasingly citing social networks as the source of many cases of murdered marital bliss. One attorney from Rosen Law Firm in Raleigh (UK) has argued that “Social media is a factor in almost every [divorce] in one way or another today.” Alice Stubbs of another Raleigh Law Firm; Tharrington Smith LLC supports this statement:
“In the last
Read more

When Social Network Users Attempt to Sue…

  • February 9th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Considering the amount of revenue that popular social networking websites are making these days, it is hardly surprising that there a number of chancers out there attempt to get their hands on some of the dosh. That’s not all however – social networking sites are providing plenty of avenues for people to sue other common folk too!


Celebrity attempts… Read more

Band-Friendly MySpace In Decline – Can Facebook Pick Up the Slack?

  • January 21st, 2011 by Tisha Tolar
MySpace has been in the news lately – but mostly the news is bad. Massive layoffs have been announced again for the failing social site. In recent months, MySpace has attempted to make upgrades to cater to its remaining users. Bands and musicians in particular were still finding benefit with the site for promoting their music. However, with the large… Read more

HOW TO: Delete Social Networking Account on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Myspace and Wikipedia

  • December 7th, 2010 by Ann Smarty
Have you ever tried to delete your social networking account? In some cases, it is a simple process. You click a few buttons, confirm and a day or so later you are wiped from the database. But with the creation of more intensive websites, it is becoming increasingly harder to delete your account. In some cases it may seem next… Read more

MySpace Has Gone the Way of Entertainment

  • November 4th, 2010 by Tisha Tolar
Last week, the almost-forgotten social media site MySpace got a makeover. The once profile-driven site has changed formats, perhaps for the better. The new look now features more content with a focus on entertainment for the 100 million users currently still using the space. Users can still create and maintain personal profiles but the majority of the information and updates… Read more