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The Future of the New-MySpace

dinosaursAs the bulk of our days are consumed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and everything in between; we have begun to see a social media dinosaur come out of extinction but in a completely different form.

As the world of technology and social media continues to progress, time will begin to tell if the new MySpace has the capacity to take the world by storm, or slowly descend to the bottom of a never-ending whirlpool of social media have-beens.

A platform that brought us new friends, fake friends and a creative genius by the name of Tom has re-emerged in the world of interactive entertainment. The newly re-branded MySpace will focus its efforts on the entertainment and music industry adding yet another unspoken aspect to the diverse realm of social media interaction. The goal of the new MySpace is to create a positive social music experience and the future looks like rather promising.

As the new MySpace gains steam in its re-branding efforts, it will be quite exciting to see just how many brands hop aboard the new music platform train. With the help of musical star Justin Timberlake, MySpace is looking to target the online music world, allowing users to create an endless rolodex of favorite songs, videos and artists. The platform will breach the boundaries of the social media experience, allowing music lovers to easily navigate through exciting new artists and old school favorites, creating a library of endless videos and tunes.

MySpace has garnered a lot of marketing attention as the public is looking to see what big brands will begin to associate themselves with the platform. It looks as though MySpace is beginning to contact bigger brands to act as pillars in the launch. Chevrolet has led the charge thus far, teaming up with MySpace on a number of exciting music initiatives including the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. As Chevrolet has led the push, most recently brands like Gucci and Bud Light have landed deals with MySpace.

Gucci and MySpace have launched a page on the new platforms site called “Gucci Sync MySpace page”, looking to create a community around the new brand, rising youth culture and emerging music. In the Bud Light partnership, the next big initiative will involve a concert series including musical events across all 50 states.

As MySpace couples with star-power of Justin Timberlake and massive brands like Gucci, Bud Light and Chevrolet, it is safe to say that the sky is the limit for the newly re-branded music platform. Holding the largest musical library in the world, the new MySpace is en route to creating the most attractive social music experience to date.

The platform continues its ongoing search for potential partners, looking to team up with even bigger brands to create a stir of excitement behind the re-birth of something that many people thought was extinct. MySpace will look to target big brands in the automotive, technology, luxury and beverages industries; but only time will tell until the country’s biggest brands get a scent of exactly what MySpace is cooking up.

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