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Do The Groundwork to Succeed: According to Tej Kohli

Starting a small business is exciting but requires a lot of diligence and efforts on the entrepreneur. Normally, a great idea for a product or service is enough to give you the head start you need. But there are other factors that need to be looked at as the success of any small business relies not solely on your bright… Read more

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A Social Media Network for Robots; Hydraulic Meetups?

Social shmoozing for gears, circuitry, hydraulic valves, and electronic sensors?   We are now standing on the threshhold of the robotic age. Rest assured, business people will be on the cutting edge of making money for this new frontier.  They are already one step ahead of the robots. For people who hate vacuuming—and honestly, who enjoys it?!—the Roomba is one of… Read more

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10 Things You Need to Know Before Using

Now that’s some Serious airtime!
Airtime is the new social media platform vying for your attention, allowing you to chat via video to both friends on Facebook and pairing you with other people around the globe with the same interests! Here is everything you need to know before you log on! 1. No Download Needed Unlike other video calling software,… Read more


Have You Received an Email About ReferralKey Lately?

I recently spammed all of my LinkedIn contacts with an endorsement for the website A LinkedIn friend of mine sent me the same invitation in a rare moment where I had fantasies of bringing in some business for my SEO shop; boy would my partner be astonished when I suddenly started setting up biz-dev calls like I was Alec… Read more


Burpple: the New Social Eating App

There is a well known saying that we eat with our eyes, in which case it is no surprise to see the new food based app Burpple. If Instagram had a baby with Pinterest, Burpple would be its offspring. Cute little chubby funster baby Burpple. Unfortunately I don’t have Burpple yet, because it hasn’t yet been released on Android, which… Read more

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Your Guide To BO.LT

For those who are in tune to the latest social media sites that allow you to share your content; then BO.LT must have crossed your path.  It is the threat to Pinterest in the fact that instead of sharing images a user can share their content and link their sites to BO.LT.  It is still in beta and you have… Read more

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Taking Pulse of Your Local News

With the rise of the iPad, Kindle Fire and almost any tablet reader or PC as the potential saviors of the publishing business, several companies are rushing to create the next great news reader. At the top of the list, is Pulse app, which is a news reading application for several smartphones and tablets. According to the company site: “It… Read more

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An iPhone App for Long Distance Techie Couples

Nowadays, social media and email make it so easy to keep in touch (or get back in touch) with people that it is not a surprise that more and more relationships are being maintained over the Internet. Techie couples maintaining long distance relationships are not shy to share their feelings over social media. Still, while Facebook makes it easy to… Read more

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What is MiNeeds All About?

We all know about social media sites and their usefulness as a business tool. But there are sites that have taken the basic premise of social media platforms and expanded them to previously unheard of levels. One such site is MiNeeds, a kind of yellow pages meets Facebook for people looking for professional services. So what is it all about?… Read more


Zynga’s Plans to Become the Next Big Gaming PaaS

The Crew
Zynga is used to pulling off big stunts such as the time Snoop Dogg blew up the Mafia Wars truck. However, Zynga is now ready to pull the biggest stun of its life. Back in 2010, Zynga suddenly halted all game development and focused in a single goal: developing a self-hosted online gaming site in case the… Read more

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