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Social Media For E-Commerce: Is It Really Useful?

In the early days of social media marketing it was often advertised as the future of marketing, the return to word of mouth as a method of promotion and a technique, which can help manufacturers acquire new customers and increase their sales. Years later we are less optimistic about social media marketing, because we are aware of its benefits, as… Read more

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What Are The Best And Worst Companies For Customer Service?

Customer service can really affect your opinion of a brand. You might be saving buckets on your flight ticket, energy bills or mobile contract, but if you can’t get through to someone helpful on the line, they will soon go down in your estimations. There’s no fixed recipe for making a customer happy, but it’s easy to distinguish poor customer… Read more

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Mobile App Security Concerns And Solutions

Today’s mobile apps aren’t only being used by device users in their personal lives; businesses have now realized that they can use apps to improve customer service, communicate special deals and increase their efficiency overall. But mobile apps have a dark side; they can be prone to all manner of security breach, which can place both company and customer data… Read more

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What Functions Can Email Marketing Software Provide Me With?

In order to ensure that you are running your business as best as you can, you will probably have undertaken a great deal of research. This is very sensible and although you will have found some information that appears to conflict and contrast with what other experts have said, there will be a lot of information that is repeated time… Read more

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Top 7 Secrets Of A Successful Website

Every single day there are thousands of different websites being created and placed on the world wide web. These websites all serve a different purpose, with some to provide information, others offering items for sale, and some offering entertainment and more. All websites are started with the hopes of being successful. They want their business to thrive in every possible… Read more

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How The Internet Has Revolutionized Transparency For Consumers

The concept of transparency seems to be everywhere these days, from the products we consume to the governments we look to in guiding our countries. Social media is another haven for transparency. With millions of eyes watching, it’s difficult for any organization or individual to say one thing and do another.
Advocates of the transparency movement say that it is… Read more

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Nine Business Tips To Help You Achieve Astounding Success In Business

In order to succeed in business, it is important to have high flexibility along with great organizational skills. In most cases, newbie entrepreneurs think unrealistically when it comes to making money out of a business. They tend to believe that it is possible to start minting money as soon as a business is launched. In reality, making money in business… Read more

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How to Make Your Facebook Updates Stand Out

Facebook remains the most popular social network on the web. With the highest number of users, an impressive IPO value and a reputation as a brand marketer’s favorite tool, it isn’t likely to be going anywhere.
The problem is that they regularly change their policies and the way they run their network. Most recently, the Facebook made it harder for… Read more

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Will Net Neutrality Really Affect Consumers? A Point By Point Guide

There’s been a lot of buzz about net neutrality for years, but many consumers are still unsure of exactly how it will affect them. The complex jargon can be frustrating and confusing, but it really boils down to the following points.

1 – Right Now Certain Companies Are Prioritizing Certain Websites… Read more

Currently, some companies give priority to certain websites. For

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10 Social Channels Under-Utilized by Businesses

Most business owners have already realized that a serious online presence is essential in the modern world. While people tend to focus their efforts on building a website, there’s a lot to be said for the positive effects of promotion via social networks. You’re probably familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but today we’re going to take a look at some… Read more

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