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5 Redefining Uses of Facebook

Good news! It’s time to stop stalking and start using Facebook in new and creative ways.

1. All across the globe politicians are being trained to use Facebook to greater effect. Although in the last UK election voters were urged to focus on ‘policy not personality’, it is undeniable that charisma and an ability to get people engaged is one of the most defining factors in who the public will vote for. In America senators post regular status updates and respond to comments, which helps build up that sense personal connection more than any other medium.

2. Want a good travel deal without a lot of searching around? Skyscanner think most people probably do, and so they’ve put their flight searcher onto Facebook. It gives prices in seconds without ever having to break off your current conversation on FB chat. For example, let’s say you were going to Dublin from the UK in September and couldn’t be bothered leaving your chat to go check the prices on Skyscanner’s main website. All you need to do is enter something like ‘UK to Dublin September’ and the flight search app would reply with the cheapest prices for that month – including taxes and charges. Are the days of going into travel agent’s offices are over.

3. In Australia, the Victoria Police Recruitment Branch has had a huge success though their Facebook page. What makes the page so popular is the human element, as you can follow the stories of current recruits on their way through the training processes, getting prospective applicants to feel like they really know what it is they are signing up for, as well as drawing them in to want to learn more of what happens to the trainees. This personal, friendly feel is the real beauty of Facebook, and more and more companies and organisations are using it for recruitment.

4. The average user has 130 friends, which is pretty close to Dunbar’s number of 150- supposedly the optimal number of friends and acquaintances for an individual to have. The average person sends 8 friend requests a month on Facebook, most friend requests go to friends of friends, and those are the most likely to be accepted too. But it is friends of friends who most commonly become lasting partners, so Facebook can be an extension of getting your mates to introduce you to someone for a date, and maybe a relationship.

5. Facebook has undoubtedly made communicating with customers a simpler process. This doesn’t just apply to big business either; plumbers, hairdressers, personal trainers and everyone else who depends on their client base can post updates when an appointment cancels to fill the slot, and offer special deals and discounts. They can exhibit their reliability through their fan numbers, and comments left by satisfied customers on their wall. And of course word spreads through social network connections, and nothing recommends a service better than word-of-mouth (or in this case, text-of-keyboard).

Ever since getting a Facebook account 4 years ago, James has become obsessed with the way it’s changing business, travel and politics.

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  1. Informative, but not convincing. Something is missing, but what I do not understand. But I will say straight out: – you have a positive and friendly way of thinking.

  2. Creative ways no doubt, Skyscanner so cool.
    Facebook soon will be the global government :-)

  3. I agree that there is no doubt that Facebook and social networks in general are the main target to focus when thinking on the move, no matter what business you re in.

    …one extra thing is that I thing I am going to try this very interesting Skyscanner service you have mentioned up here :)

  4. The facebook is conducive to our fond of the beautiful sites that you can communicate with any translation work throughout the world, because it is a website that offers fun especially with business purposes.

  5. When it comes to politics, Facebook serves as a big help for politicians as it can help build a positive image and maintain a favorable relationship to the public. In turn, it also helps increase the number of votes they will receive in times of the election.

    In marketing, Facebook gives businesses the ability to effectively promote their products or services, which can easily reach a huge number of target market in the different parts of the world so as to gain a significant increase in sales.

    For personal purposes, Facebook acts as bridge for a person to keep in touch with his or her family, friends as well as meet new persons.

  6. All the world is round – this is it! And in Facebook you may feel it the most (except your soul)

    thank you!

  7. Clark Minn Jul 25th 2011

    Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays that is why it can be a great help for any aspect even in business and politics…

  8. Reminds me.. It’s been a while since my last log in to Facebook. I’ve been busy playing around with the Twitter and Google+. LOL

  9. Facebook has done so many things. With facebook you can do online marketing, meet friends and share bright ideas. But one thing that I don’t like in Facebook is that, people can make accounts not on their real names.

  10. I think that by now the average user in Facebook has more friends than 150 and it keeps growing !

  11. i am also fun of using the facebook site were i can search for my friends and family relatives. it is not just a blog site but it is also a entertaining sites with you can play.

  12. Excellent write-up. It’s nice to know things about stuff other than business that use the advantages that Facebook can give. Indeed, Facebook is so versatile that it can offer more that what we expect.

  13. You are totally right. It’s nice to know that Facebook has made a lot of difference around the world. I also read one article in a website about…I think that was truetv(not sure)..Facebook was used to investigate their missing friend. That was very interesting, they traced their friend’s footsteps from her last post in Facebook. That is really amazing! Thanks to Facebook we can communicate with our long lost friends.
    Way to go Mark Zuckerberg!

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    Everything is looking great….Thanks for the information!

  15. melody Aug 15th 2011

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  16. Cher Shives Aug 18th 2011

    I know that facebook has a lot of uses and they can be helpful even in business too…

  17. Alexis Sep 2nd 2011

    Facebook is a famous social media and I believe that there are lots of benefits it can give.

  18. Facebook is really great.I’m very much fond with it.Thank you for sharing.

  19. Oh…What a wonderful post!!!
    I really love Facebook and its good to hear for the new applications. It can give more benefits to users and the online businesses.

    Thanks for sharing and i like it much..LIKE LIKE LIKE:-)

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