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The World’s Top Ten Social Networks

Social Networking has become a global phenomenon over the past 8 years and continues to grow year on year. So we’ve all heard of the big players like Twitter and Facebook, but there are thousands of Social Networking sites out there, many of which have been left by the wayside since the introduction of Facebook. Let’s take a look at the top ten Social Networks of 2011. This list is based on the number of users on each site and their Global Alexa traffic ranking.

No prizes for guessing the top 3 though!

1.  Facebook – well you weren’t expecting to see any other name here were you? Facebook now boasts over 700 million users and continues to grow every month. If Facebook was a Country it would be the 2nd largest in the world. Lately, Facebook has made a lot of changes to its interface in order to keep Google + at bay, which is growing at a phenomenal rate and could hit Facebook where it hurts.

2.  Twitter – Again no surprises here, Twitter currently has over 200 million users and just like Facebook, continues to grow every month. Twitter is a marketers dream and a haven for celebrities world-wide to soak up the adulation of their fans.

3.  LinkedIn – I have to admit, one of my favourite social networks. Now LinkedIn operates in a way that is very different to Facebook and Twitter, it’s aimed at professionals who want to use networking in the more traditional sense of the word. LinkedIn is a great way to promote your business, make invaluable contacts and exchange references. LinkedIn currently boasts over 100 million users and rising.

4.  MySpace – Huge in the US, but for some reason never a big hit on the other side of the pond. Still it boasts an impressive 80.5 Million loyal users, most of whom have been dedicated to MySpace since its launch in 2003.

5.  Ning – A name you don’t hear that often, but still one of the most powerful platforms around. Ning is totally different to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, in fact Ning allows you to build your own Social Network, with as many users as you like. Customize the design, look, and content – a really great site for businesses of any size.

6.  Google + (plus) – Still in beta and already pulling in over 35 Million users, the sky is the limit for this particular new kid on the block. Only time will tell how far Google can take this. I for one am a big fan, and I’m looking forward to seeing what Google can do to shake things up for the top 2.

I’ll not go into too much detail for the final 4, but suffice to say they are just as important as the top 4. Without these smaller players there would be a huge gap in the market.

7.  Tagged – 25 Million users
8.  Orkut – Launched in 2004, 15.5 Million users and owned by Google
9.  hi5 – 11.5 Million users, and very popular in Mongolia, Thailand, Jamaica, Latin America, Portugal and Central Africa.
10.  MyYearBook – 7.5 Million users

For those veterans of Social Networking who are wondering where Bebo are on this list – I’m afraid they have been relegated to number 13 with under 7 million users. Just goes to show how fickle we can be with our favourite networks!

Ben is a keen blogger and Managing Director of Electric Dialogue, a London-based digital agency, which work with clients such as GRITIT, a UK-based gritting contractor.

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  1. I know that Google+ is he next big thing, but I really am tired of yet another place where I need to make my profile. For the time being, I’m pleased with my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

    With all those ways we can share the information about us, the real question remains – do we really have so much to say?

  2. Google+ is a good social network, but I think that posts tend to fall off it so fast that it may not generate as much traffic as some of the other networks. Facebook will be more interesting now that they have that subscribe feature.

  3. You have a nice list of Social media. Facebook and Twitter are undeniably the strongest among the rest. It’s amazing how G+ is crawling to the top.

  4. If i am not mistaking, Orkut is one of the powerful social network used in Brazil.

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