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Facebook Humor: the Internet is Buzzing with Funny Facebook Screenshots

funny Facebook

Facebook humor is becoming the whole new genre: there are plenty of fake screenshots and funny catches across the Internet people eagerly share.

Here are just a few really examples of funny Facebook screenshots.

Bill Gates on Facebook:

funny Facebook

Tracy’s Engagement (the account has been reported hacked btw):

funny Facebook

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  1. LOL… Sorry, but I can’t stop laughing.

  2. nathan Mar 10th 2011

    hmmm you scribble the names of the people commenting but stupidly leave the ones on her friends list where people can look them up go on there friends list tyupe tracy and find her and laugh you dumbass motherfucker

  3. nice post…hahahaha…bill gates..great..but not the one i think..funny

  4. nice post…hahahaha…



  6. Here are some cool Facebook vs Twitter cartoons:

  7. WOW! That last one is horrible! I don’t know what I would do if my facebook account was hacked into.

  8. This is very hillarious 😀

  9. Bill Gates has become so old, but so rich. And poor girl, but she wrote it anyway. She said she wrote on the wrong box.Lol.

    This is pretty hilarious post. Post some more funny profile pictures.
    That should be agood one. =)

  10. The Vader one is great!

    I also saw one with bin laden which had hime post on facebook the night we got him:

    “there is a noise outside , let me go check, brb”

    I loved that!

  11. Hahaha so funny. By the way, you can make such funny screens too, just google “Website edit javascript code”. Copy and paste this code to your browser and write funny stuff :)

  12. Lot of Laugh! But the last one is so embarrassing if it happen to us…

  13. Lol. Ha ha so funny. I also saw that, some people put status of their private things also. They should be send as a messege.

  14. jhonleon Sep 19th 2012

    nice post…hahahaha…bill gates..great..but not the one i think..funny

  15. i think her name is Tracy turkishx Brooks on FB

  16. Wow interesting post. i was shocked to spacebook lol.

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