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A Look into Pinterest Activity: Like v. Repin v. Comment

As a Pinterest user, you might have noticed the three different settings on pins. There is the repin button, the like button and the comment section. Each one can be used on anything that has been posted on the site, to be viewed and used internally. You can also now do remote likes from websites, some of which have… Read more


How Important is a LinkedIn Profile for a Company?

Social Media continues to grow and become more important for business. This is not an assertion but a fact. Consumers continue to head for social media sites in their droves, and marketers are recognizing the importance of attracting and keeping those users. One of the most important challenges that face today’s companies is how to optimist their LinkedIn accounts.… Read more


Over-Sharing: How Far is Too Far?

The Issue of Too Much Information… The problem of oversharing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter has some companies concerned about personal information overload and the issues that accompany it. There should be limits to what and how much information a person or company should divulge on social platforms, and some companies are taking steps to limit how much… Read more


Should Google and Social Media Censor Content?

Google “Michelle Obama” and you might come up with a picture looking like a cross between an ape and the first lady. Search Facebook for “f*** Jesus” and you will come up with at least 3 groups dedicated to their hatred of Christianity and Jesus Christ.… Read more


MySpace to Integrate Facebook Connect?

Although the condition of MySpace is not as dire as many are making it out to be, its clear that the once king of the social networks is wearing a tarnished crown (or now crown at all) as the popularity of its arch rival Facebook continues to grow.… Read more


A Bad Week for Social Media Giants

Social Media took some major hits to its collective credibility over the last week as industry giants Digg, Twitter and Facebook all suffered their own separate scandals. At the forefront of public backlash was the blogosphere, with each company’s own users chief amongst plaintiffs.… Read more

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MJ Dies, Social Networks Buckle

Michael Jackson’s death not only affected millions of fans worldwide this week, but he nearly brought half the Internet down with him. Within minutes of TMZ breaking the story, traffic on Twitter spontaneously doubled, while Facebook updates tripled. Widespread slowdowns and outages plagued entire networks, with a mass effect not seen since the Google Failure earlier this year.… Read more


Digg: Let the Users Vote on Advertising.

Popular social-bookmarking site Digg announced this week that there would be a new ad system introduced soon. Up until now users have continuously blocked ads on Digg’s pages or simply ignored them, with the end result being a consistent loss to Digg’s coffers. Now they’ve got a new plan; they’re going to let the users themselves vote up, or vote… Read more


How to Sort Delicious Bookmarks

Your Delicious bookmarks can be sorted: alphabetically; by freshness.… Read more

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