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How Blocking a User on Facebook Works

Facebook has numerous new and old features. It is so easy to get lost.

Besides, there are tons of people there now. No wonder “blocking” tool has become so popular.

But how does it work actually? Will blocking a person restrict him from seeing your messages on your mutual friends’ wall? Will it restrict him from seeing your profile? How is it different from simply “unfriending” a person.

Let’s make a clear list of how blocking a Facebook user works:

1. If I block a person on Facebook, will he still be able to see any of my info?

-> No, blocking users stops them from being able to see if you’re going to the
same event as them, from following links to your name (like
photos) and from seeing anything about you. You can’t search for them and they can’t search you. Facebook removes every link to your page when you block that person.

2. If I block someone on Facebook, will it remove all his or her comments from my wall?

-> No, you will have to manually delete them if you need.

3. If I block someone on Facebook, will it remove all our past private conversations?

-> No, these conversations will still be available to both of you.

4. Does blocking a Facebook user restrict him from seeing your messages on mutual friends’ walls?

-> Yes, if you block someone, he will no more be able to see your messages on your mutual friends’ wall.

5. Can I block a person who is not my friend?

-> Yes. You can set up a block list in Privacy Settings -> “Edit block list”

6. If I block a person, will I still be interacting with him within mutual games and applications.

-> Yes, for some reason, you will.

7. How can I make sure if someone has blocked me on Facebook?

-> The most obvious flag of being blocked is that you can no longer see any sign of that person. They completely vanish. You can’t find them in a search and you can’t see their profile even if you follow a link from your previous conversation or photo.

Hope things are clearer now!

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53 Replies

  1. My question is if i change my name can blocked ppl see it

  2. Anonymous Dec 27th 2013


    I removed someone from friends list. They got upset and blocked me i think. I cannot reply to old pm’s or click the persons name. Yet when i search them they come right up. The page shows up as un-available yet works perfect from an old account i dont use any longer. What does this mean? I am blocked? Am i removed from privacy? I planned to contact them again down the road but i guess that will not happen

  3. Nadia Jan 7th 2014

    If someone blocks you, yet has commented on posts/pictures of yours in the past, obviously their comments won’t be visible to you but will they still remain visible on your page to others???

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