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  1. Enter The Social Hero – A New Social Media Soldier Emerges

    Social Media in every sense is incredibly gigantic. Entire empires have been built upon people claiming they’ve mastered social media and have become a social media expert. Social Networks have spawned entire companies dedicated to harnessing and manipulating the power of social media. Summits, conferences, developer meet-ups and more happen practically at least once week around the world for individuals to come and discuss the advancements in social media. It can honestly get exhausting trying to keep up with everyone and everything in this space. Trust me, I’m on a never ending journey attempting to do just that.
    This doesn’t mean that there isn’t clarity within social media. It simply means that it can be a bit clouded with content that truly doesn’t matter. There are plenty of websites out there that just muddle the playing field and confuse those who wish to learn more and adapt their businesses and lives within the social sphere. That said – there are websites out there that are amazingly resourceful and connect professionals and beginners in ways that even Facebook can’t accomplish. One of our main goals is focusing on finding these websites, products, campaigns, and people who do this.
    Having been in this field for sometime I’ve met some of the best and brightest that have influenced me tenfold. I’ve also met some incredible bullshit artists that shell out recycled content and attempt to exalt themselves by sprouting other peoples words in different order. Like most people one of the guys that got me really into social media was Chris Brogan after reading Trust Agents, but people have their influences come from everywhere all the time. Chris rules. He’s the man.
    It was after reading that and a few other books that I started debunking some of the experts and gurus and started looking for my own solace and personal growth within social. It’s not rocket science to figure out how people engage online, but it certainly isn’t easy – and the case changes daily with new networks, tools, and brands emerging everyday. For those who think it’s going to go away anytime soon I would argue that you’re sorely mistaken. Everything I just mentioned above is here to stay for a long, long time.
    And that’s why we need a few social heroes to help out the social media space. I’m not limiting this assessment to marketers, directors, managers, and agencies and I’m not limiting it to sociologists and trendsetters. We need people who grasp how everything is interconnected without getting to weighed down by all the clutter out there. That’s what it takes to be a social hero; an ever evolving player in social media that can progress as the space progresses that remains free rather than tied to a specific campaign, network, or bottom line.
    Over time I’ll be sharing some people I think are social heroes and where great content can be found uncovering more in depth knowledge into social media.
    If you’ve been working with social media as long as I have then you might be thinking right now that I could be one of those self-proclaimed experts and gurus as well. I could basically be faking this entire thing and just skimming the surface and regurgitating it into your mouths (which is disgusting).
    I could do that, but that would be too easy. It’s much more challenging and rewarding to learn as much as possible thereby offering as much as you can, especially when you’ve come to love what you do. Plus, titles like expert and guru are a bit cliche at this point.
    I’m going for the rank of hero.

    Shaun Hinklein
    Shaun is the Editor of Social Marvels and a Social Media Director located in New York. He’s been working with brands for years building content strategies, optimizing their current syndication and paid media campaigns, and coaching them on community engagement. He also enjoys reading comic books and pretending he can play the guitar well.
    More Posts – Website

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