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How To: Get More Views to Your Youtube Video

  • September 28th, 2012 by Ann Smarty
Everyone loves YouTube. For some of us, it is an addiction that can really cut into our productivity. For a startup, business or online presence, it is an incredible means of getting noticed. Videos are some of the most likely to go viral, and a single hit can launch visibility to fame status on the web within twenty four hours.… Read more

Branding through Social Media Video Contest

  • September 18th, 2012 by Cijo Abraham Mani
Visual media is going to take the online world as a storm. A picture is worth than thousand words and in the same way a video is worth than thousand pictures. Videos are a great way to convey your message effectively to targeted audience. Videos can convey the message in most fastest way.  Around 50 hours video are uploaded every… Read more

6 Surprising Ways Social Media is Helping Educators Connect With Students

  • April 4th, 2012 by SEM Contributor
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest… it seems there’s no end to social media and networking sites. As these technologies have emerged, some educators have become increasingly frustrated with students who use these sites during class, or who clearly have the time for social networking when they don’t seem to have the time to excel in their studies. But some… Read more

5 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

  • October 13th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world, and as they say about New York, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The most popular YouTube videos are constantly changing as new artists and film makers begin to rack up hits and the popularity of the former hits declines. At one time, comic… Read more

Magisto, Automatic Video Editing Tool Helps You Create Videos Worth Sharing

  • September 29th, 2011 by Cijo Abraham Mani
Have you come across a situation where you want to turn several short videos into a single one or cut some unwanted portions of the long boring unedited video you created ? Don’t worry, now you have Magisto that offers the perfect solution to edit your online videos with a single click. The basic function of Magisto is that it… Read more

Free Video Streaming Sites Besides YouTube

  • March 24th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
YouTube dominates the world of online video sharing.  Unfortunately, most of the videos uploaded to the site are (frankly) not worth watching.  Sure, there is an occasional viral video that catches the eye of millions, but most are of no interest to a mainstream audience. That’s a shame for those YouTubers who come to the site to watch music videos,… Read more

YouTube Pushes For Awesome Non-Profit Videos

  • February 23rd, 2011 by Tisha Tolar
Everyone knows YouTube is the place to get discovered and the site is using its star power to move forward with its Annual DoGooder Non-Profit Video Awards. This is their 5th year with the awards program and they have set up a new award to encourage online participation. There will be $10,000 grants give to the winners in the… Read more