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5 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

YouTube is the most popular video sharing site in the world, and as they say about New York, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. The most popular YouTube videos are constantly changing as new artists and film makers begin to rack up hits and the popularity of the former hits declines.

At one time, comic videos were at the peak of the most popular video sharing site with comedian Justin Laipply’s epic spoof The Evolution of Dance topping them all at 56 million views. When artists began to post their music videos on YouTube, these quickly swallowed up most of the top spots beginning with the international smash-hit Girlfriend from Avril Lavigne. Cute babies, however, were not to be outdone, and even as recently as January of this year, a baby had the top spot with 148 million views for Charlie Bit My Finger – Again.

Today’s top video spots all go to the viral music videos of popular recording artists. From Beiber to Bad Romance, these artists have successfully conquered all the epic fails, cute kittens, and hilarious comedians in the world – at least for now. Here are the current five most popular YouTube videos of all time.

Justin Beiber – Baby featuring Ludacris

This popular song by one of the world’s youngest and most-loved recording artists took the world of teenage girls by storm. The teenage girl demographic was far too small for Justin Beiber, however, and Beiber-fever quickly spread to the mainstream, infecting talk show hosts, music industry professionals, and even regular moms and dads. Baby is Justin Beiber’s biggest hit to date.

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

The Number Two spot is taken by the torturous ups and downs of Lady Gaga’s epic romantic fail. With 417 million views, 200 million less than Justin Beiber’s Baby, Bad Romance has turned into possibly one of the worst romances in history. It’s not surprising, however, that the top two videos in the world have to do with turbulent love affairs.

Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

Finally beaming a ray of sunlight into the dreariness the top five has been up to this point, Shakira’s triumphant anthem for 2011’s football World Cup takes third place with nearly 401 million views. That’s about 200 million per waka.

Jennifer Lopez – On the Floor featuring Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez’s comeback album, released during her stint as a judge for American Idol’s tenth season, garnered plenty of negative reviews from critics of the music industry. The fans, however, had other things to say, and the first single from that album has managed to garner 393 million YouTube views, placing it squarely in fourth place for the all time most popular videos on the site.

Eminem – Love the Way You Lie featuring Rihanna

The list would not be complete without one more stormy romantic encounter – this one perhaps the stormiest of all. Love the Way You Lie has racked up a solid 387 million views on YouTube.

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