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How To: Get More Views to Your Youtube Video

Everyone loves YouTube. For some of us, it is an addiction that can really cut into our productivity. For a startup, business or online presence, it is an incredible means of getting noticed. Videos are some of the most likely to go viral, and a single hit can launch visibility to fame status on the web within twenty four hours.

Get More Views to Your Youtube Video

But how do you manage to get your content seen? With so many videos uploaded to YouTube a day, even popular accounts can struggle to gain a good view count on new clips. The average users has so many subscriptions that it is a simple matter to lose what might be a well received video in a swam of other content.

Here are ten tips to getting more views on your YouTube videos.

1. Use Proper SEO

You might not always think of SEO as applying to videos. But with Google’s acquisition of YouTube, it is more relevant than ever. You should always make sure to provide a clear, descriptive title for your upload. Have the original file name also relevant to the content. Then, write the video’s description with plenty of keywords to help draw attention from search engines.

2. Sync YouTube With Social Media Accounts

You probably already know to share your link on Twitter or YouTube. But did you know you can sync YouTube with Google Reader, Buzz, blogs and various other social media accounts? You can even link it to a social media dashboard to update followers all at once, across the web. This will make sure your already hooked user base views the content.

3. Have A Pinterest Board For Videos

Pinterest is still only building a marketing following. But it is a great source for getting video views. Just open up a board for your video uploads, and pin each one as you upload them. It will give a screen capture of the clip, and let you put in a description. Anyone who clicks on it will be transported to the YouTube video. Plus, the social nature of the site makes it more likely they will repin it.

4. Encourage Subscriptions

You will notice that most videos now have a part at the very end asking their viewers to subscribe. There might be an arrow pointing to the subscription button above the clip, or else an embedded link in the video window itself. Either way, getting subscribers is a great way to make sure content is viewed. According to Hunter Walk, an employee at YouTube working with product management, up to 50% of views can come from subscribers in the first few hours.

5. Be Active In The Community

Becoming well known in the community will give you a better chance of having your own content viewed by people who have gotten to know you. Comment on videos, add favorites, give constructive criticism and positive feedback, and just engage with the users on YouTube.

6. Add A Video As A Response

Occasionally, you might have a video that matches with a topic already being discussed on YouTube. Let’s say a video is especially popular. You can hitch your own video to this regular view count by adding it as a response to the original. This offers it as a thumbnail under the original, and can bring people (including the creator of the original) to your reply.

7. Use Promotion Features On YouTube

YouTube’s ad service is a great way to gain some visibility. Have you seen those featured videos that come up both at the beginning of search results, and at the top of the sidebar? Those are videos that are part of the paid YouTube ad service. The prices are usually pay-per-view, so worth it for many.

8. “Ping” Your Video


Let search engines know that new content has been uploaded, and give them a trail of breadcrumbs to find it. Websites like Pingler or Pingomatic make this easy. Just put in the video title, the URL and put it in their database.


9. Annotate Other Videos

If you have been watching YouTube videos and seen little bubbles pop up with text or links, you already know what it means to annotate a video. You can do it yourself at the beginning of end of your video. This can lead users to other relevant content to check out. Just don’t add too many, as it can look like spam.

10. Promote Your Channel

Getting links to your channel and optimizing it for popular search commands will bring you additional traffic and exposure! Participate in round-ups and feature your channel whenever you can! There are lots of app reviews aggregators, how-to videos and user-generated videos out there.

11. Make Your Content High Quality

The absolute best thing you can do to ensure that your content gets seen is by making it high quality, engaging and interesting. People will want to watch it, share it and see what else you have to offer. If your content quality is low, then even the tips above won’t be able to help you.

Follow these ten guidelines, and you will be sure to see a major surge in your video views.

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