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Branding through Social Media Video Contest

Visual media is going to take the online world as a storm. A picture is worth than thousand words and in the same way a video is worth than thousand pictures. Videos are a great way to convey your message effectively to targeted audience. Videos can convey the message in most fastest way.  Around 50 hours video are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

More than 600 videos are posted on Twitter every minute.  People send double the time of pages that have videos as compared to pages without videos. Mobile video viewing has increased more than 30%.  A person who have watched a video of product/service is 75% more likely to purchase that product. A video is the most effective way to convey your product/service to customers. If you haven’t started using videos then it is high time you start thinking and this blogpost will give you a reason:

I recently took part in video contest run by The Center for Internet and Society and Hivos Knowledge Programme where I got to learn more about the importance a video contest has in branding a specific cause. The digital natives video contest offered a platform to bring out creative digital stories that described “What makes your life so click-worthy?”. I choose to participate in the contest to promote genuine social media initiatives. A social media video contest is one of the fastest ways to reach out to a huge number of people.

How to build a successful social media video contest?

There are 5 simple steps to create a successful social media contest.

1) Create a contest idea

The first and foremost thing is to create a contest idea. You should have an interesting contest idea with clear marketing goals.

2) Offer a prize that is worth winning

You need to offer a prize that is worth the time and effort of the participants. The target audience should feel that the contest is something worth playing.

3) Keep Simple Terms and Conditions

You need to make sure that the contest terms and conditions are simple so it interest more people to enter the contest.

4) Use Clear Metrics To Measure Success

It is highly important that you measure the success of the contest. You should measure the success based of reach, participation, buzz created and increased traffic to the website/blog.

5) Announce Results

You should announce the results within the specified time. You should also thank each and everyone for their valuable time and send them the winner list.

As we have now discussed the way to create a successful campaign the next step is to review the outcome from your contest. The main thing behind reviewing the contest is to learn about the shortfalls and mistakes and to correct them in the future contest. Hope you all have got the idea on how to promote your product/services through video contest. A video contest is the best way to reach to a large number of audience in a short span of time. You

You can now head to watch my contest entry in the “Digital Native” contest

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  1. We are coming to the close of our first contest. Was nervous at first when reading this blog, but think we have covered all the bases you list.

  2. Cijo Abraham Mani Nov 30th 2012

    Thanks for the information. Do share your experience about your first contest ?

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