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LinkedIn: The Targeted, Professionally Social Network

  • July 12th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Business networking has moved beyond the corporeal boundaries of business dinners and cocktail parties and into the ether world of the Internet. LinkedIn is arguably the most effective professional and business-oriented social networking organization available today. Whether you are looking for a job, have a job to offer, are searching for investors or want the perfect contact for a business… Read more

Why Your Business Needs to be More Social

  • May 17th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
In the mid nineties, a few businesses started informational Web sites. The Luddites looked on bemused, thinking to themselves that this ‘internet thing’ will never catch on. A few years later those same Luddites were sneering at those business owners who were setting up full e-commerce Web sites. This time they may have been thinking how unlikely it would be… Read more

LinkedIn: An Undervalued Marketing Platform

  • April 12th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
As a communications tool, LinkedIn offers individuals and companies multiple opportunities to engage specific groups with relevant content. On the consumer side, these benefits have an established record of success: the size of the audience – which numbers more than 100 million members worldwide – confirms the importance of LinkedIn as an effective medium for finding jobs, networking with peers,… Read more

Banks Not Banking On Social Media

  • February 21st, 2011 by SEM Contributor
While everyone else is rushing to jump on the social media bandwagon, taking advantage of the client-provider interaction and PR opportunities that SM has to offer banks are either slow to look into the opportunities or have no intention of grasping this valuable piece of PR at all. But heck knows they could use it. Notwithstanding the fact that there… Read more

Social Media: An Unnecessary Evil for Small Businesses?

  • February 15th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
I was making my way home from work the other day, strolling through Bognor Regis when I walked past the office of a local taxi service. I noticed that an A4 piece of paper had been sellotaped to the window, announcing to anyone passing that the company now has both a Twitter and Facebook account. This amused me since I… Read more

Fcommerce (Social Commerce) and What It Can Do for Sales

  • February 14th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Social commerce wasn’t something I had taken much notice of or indeed really cared that much about until I heard talk of it being able to increase sales for an ecommerce site. Then I was interested! Before I started to research the idea I had a notion that this was a totally new type of commerce (which we can add… Read more

How Important is a LinkedIn Profile for a Company?

  • January 24th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
Social Media continues to grow and become more important for business. This is not an assertion but a fact. Consumers continue to head for social media sites in their droves, and marketers are recognizing the importance of attracting and keeping those users. One of the most important challenges that face today’s companies is how to optimist their LinkedIn accounts.… Read more

10 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Custom Facebook Landing Page

  • January 7th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
If your business is on Facebook, adding a custom landing page can have a big impact on your presence there. A custom landing page can help drive web traffic, add value to your online marketing efforts and increase sales. If you’re considering the types of benefits a custom landing page can create, this post will help make up your mind.… Read more

Really Mr. Zuckerburg? Trademarking the Word “Face”?

  • November 29th, 2010 by Tisha Tolar
Mark Zuckerburg and the Facebook team are on the fast track to getting a trademark on the word ‘face’. The word ‘book’ however, is proving to be a bit more of a challenge. The word ‘book’ has already been claimed by an online company called Their claim on the word is as a result of their business which is… Read more

The Best Social Media Sites to Increase the Exposure of Your Business

  • November 24th, 2010 by SEM Contributor
If you want to make social media work for your business, the only real blueprint for success is to be patient, creative, and open to anything. Social media success isn’t an exact science, but anyone looking to improve their visibility should look into these top social media sites for business. Twitter If you are looking to raise your business’ profile… Read more