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Finally, A Social Network That Allows Self Promotion

As much as social media has allowed individuals and companies to connect, the unfortunate fact has been that many social media sites did not allow self promotion. As a result, many business owners have struggled to find a way to use these sites to promote themselves and their businesses without breaking the rules and without being censored.

All too often, a business owner signs up for a social media site, begins to promote their business and then is shut down by the site due to its terms of service agreement, meaning all of the hard work and time that was put into developing their social media presence was lost.

Thankfully, Google’s new social media solution, Google+, allows plenty of self promotion. Business owners, freelance entrepreneurs and more can use the site to market themselves without having to worry about being shutdown or censored. This means that even small businesses can now get the word out, locally or nationally, about a new product or service, just like the big guys. In fact, as a result of Google+’s policies, more and more business owners are turning to the service to promote, market and advertise their businesses.

On top of that, Google+ also allows you to animate certain portions of your business’ profile, meaning more eye-catching results for your marketing campaign. This is a clear advantage over similar social media sites, many of which either don’t allow animation or who are simply too crowded to allow business owners to clearly get their message across through animation and other web technologies. Just as television was once the media of choice for advertising in the past, moving images on the web are now the superior marketing product.

If you were around during the introductory years of the Internet, you may remember that virtually all pages and sites featured static images, many of which were poor quality. As the years passed, animated images became the norm, meaning businesses could then provide more detail in their marketing messages.

Consider that the same phenomenon is going on today; while in the past, social media sites weren’t able to offer animated images on their sites, but now they can. This means that, as a business owner, it’s time to get ahead of the curve, promote yourself or your business on Google+ and use animated images to do so.

While creating such images is not always difficult, doing so often requires a great deal of knowledge. For this reason, many Google+ users turn to professional design and development firms to assist them. If you’re one of these individuals, a design and development firm can typically work with you to create animated images which can turn your business’ Google+ page into a success for current customers and potential customers. InMotion Hosting also provides an in depth tutorial and template for those in design and development to assist with creating their own animated headlines.

How to Slice an Animated Banner for Google+ Pages

Furthermore, a design and development firm can assist you in coming up with new and innovative ideas to use animation in promoting your business on Google+ through web technologies which are currently being developed. Essentially, partnering with a social media design and development team can give you an edge over your competition, not just now, but also in the future.

Juliana is a Marketing Specialist for InMotion Hosting – A Web Hosting based in Los Angeles. You can follow her on Twitter @JulianaPayson.

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  1. I do belive that social networks are allowed to do the promotion just as long as they dont over do it because if they do then they are folling themselves.

  2. well thats really a very good news and also very good work to figure it out
    It help in promoting good number of visitor
    i love this post
    thanx :)

  3. Your article is very appealing to me.

  4. Any social networking sites are allowed to a self promotion as long as you do it right and in accordance to sites policy. Thanks for the video tutorial of animated banner.

  5. Facebook allows you to self promote as well as twitter, as long as you follow there guidelines.

    Also thanks for the tutorial :)

  6. very interesting. as always

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  9. Up to my point, social networking had nearly 40% fake profiles.. So self promotion leads to spamming ….

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