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Is This Summer Bout Just Be Lazy – Or Irreparable Attitude Adjustment?

With this Summer projected to be the most cruel for teens that want to make some extra dough, and/or get some experience, it’s no wonder parents are biting their nails (more feverishly). Things just are not looking up when it comes to jobs for kids out of school for break. Unless Microsoft and 1000 video game makers plan on doing… Read more

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What is the New LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Feature?

If you have been using social media and have been looking for new an improved ways for targeting options, then you deserve to learn more about the options provided to you by the new LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates. If you’re wondering what is this that LinkedIn is doing with this new update, the answer is pretty simple and yet very… Read more

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Library Hotel Collection Converts to High Gear Marketing (Press Release)

In hospitality marketing news, leading hotel marketing group, WIHP Hotels, has been engaged to gain visibility for Library Hotel Collection, a New York boutique hotel group set to launch two new properties. WIHP Hotels will help Library’s not only with their recent rebrand, but via WIHP’s Convert website-marketing suite for independent hotels. The coming Aria Hotel in Budapest and Hotel… Read more

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Bing’s Social Sidebar And What It Means For SEO

This month, Bing announced their Social Sidebar – well timed for just a few weeks after uproar in the SEO industry from the Google Penguin update, and a few days before Facebook’s IPO. As their market share of search creeps up – and as users in blind trials say they prefer Bing results to Google – is it time to… Read more


Facebook Uses Social Media Platform to Encourage Organ Donations

With the largest amount of users in the social networking arena, CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows he can use Facebook to reach a wide array of individuals. That being the case, Zuckerberg and Facebook announced May 1 that the social networking site has an option available for its users to indicate their organ donor status on their accounts. Users simply go… Read more

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The Rise of the Unsocial Networks

While Facebook and Twitter are catching are all about amassing hordes of followers and friends, the newest social network have a more “unsocial” theme. The recent $1 billion acquisition of Instagram by Facebook cements the idea that smaller, closed networks are growing in popularity among early adopters. Facebook indicated in April 23, 2012 S1 form about this deal:

In April
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Zynga’s Plans to Become the Next Big Gaming PaaS

The Crew
Zynga is used to pulling off big stunts such as the time Snoop Dogg blew up the Mafia Wars truck. However, Zynga is now ready to pull the biggest stun of its life. Back in 2010, Zynga suddenly halted all game development and focused in a single goal: developing a self-hosted online gaming site in case the… Read more

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Brogramming: Raging on the Codebase

If you’re a coder and you carry your nerd card loud and proud, you need to Get with the Brogram. The term brogrammer is the mix of “bro” and “programmer” and is reaching new heights of popularity as the Get with the Brogram Facebook page has over 21,000 likes, the  thread on Quora called “How does a programmer become a… Read more


Reddit as the Current Social News King

Have you heard of Reddit? It’s actually been around for quite some time, but it’s popularity is on the rise. If you’ve been in the internet marketing game for quite some time, you probably remember a time not so long ago when marketers were recommending that you submit your content to a social bookmarking site called Digg. That ship has… Read more

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Facebook Rips Off Google+ with New Photo Display

It seems that nothing on Facebook stays the same. After the controversial switch to Timeline with the elimination of the infamous Wall, Facebook is working on a new way to display photos that is alarmingly similar to the way Google+ displays photos. We’re Going Through Changes Currently, when a user clicks on a photo on Facebook, the photo appears in… Read more