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Is This Summer Bout Just Be Lazy – Or Irreparable Attitude Adjustment?

With this Summer projected to be the most cruel for teens that want to make some extra dough, and/or get some experience, it’s no wonder parents are biting their nails (more feverishly). Things just are not looking up when it comes to jobs for kids out of school for break. Unless Microsoft and 1000 video game makers plan on doing some game tester hiring in the years to come, the ongoing economic situation may have far more grave consequences.

The funny side of this situation leaves us with images of teens lounging around on the sofa, eating potato chips and drinking cokes, glued to the TV, driving Mom and Dad out of their already weakened minds. On the other hand, a more serious side of the picture shows young people in their “social” formative years (18 – 24) may form some negative attitudinal effects from the Great Recession. And we’re not talking just a “bad attitude” here. Take a look at the ups and downs in the graphic.

Cruel Summer - Where the Jobs are this Summer Infographic
Via: Bolt Insurance

Research on the long term effects of the Great Depression proved that long term effects occurred in individuals who lived through this era in American history. The attitudes of individuals, even our social ideals were altered permanently by the short and long term effects of poverty, joblessness, and even the hopelessness of that economic bust. Governments, whole societies changed forever back when, and now we seem faced with the same pitfalls.

Then back to the more humorous side of things, perhaps our only recourse in such times, shoppers at Wal-Mart will not have to put up with those obtuse young folks, their minds set on members of the opposite sex, XBox, the Internet – instead bargain shoppers get the obtuse retiree who has done all this way too many times. He or she may even be a child of the back when Depression! Whatever, it all leaves us a bit on the “Depressed” period side of the aisle.

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