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Zenergo: Less Chatter, More Matter

Zenergo is a social media promotion site which combines location based services with activity orientated networking. The aim of the site is to allow people to find and promote events based on activities they love, not only within Zenergo but across most of web 2.0 as well.

Aesthetically the site is fairly minimalistic, in a good, clean way. Users can search for other users, groups or events. With ample space for information being provided on the various types of profiles. Members are also provided with a web based calender, with any events they are registered to attend being displayed prominently on the calenders interface.

Zenergo is fully integrated with the OpenID project, which means users can sign in with their Facebook, Google, MSN or Yahoo accounts, tying one or all of them to the site to help promote selected events across the various platforms offered by those companies.

Using the site is incredibly easy, with the search bar working very well, with step by step instructions being offered when it comes to generating a group or event.

When users find events or groups based around their interests, the site displays how far away the real life locations of those meetings are. The intention being that eventually the site will have enough users to offer useful activity based locational references, so that people can make new acquaintances in the real world.

Unfortunately for Zenergo, this is far from an original concept. I have nothing bad to say about the website at all, certainly the developers have done a good job putting it all together. However, is there really room for another location / activities social networking site on the web? Given that actually the big players already have it pretty well covered and multiple smaller sites have already appeared over the course of the last year?

This is a very young start up, having only been online for a couple of months, but at the moment it is definitely suffering from the lack of a substantial user base. For this kind of site to see any success, Zenergo either needs to focus on a specific city while it establishes itself, or it somehow needs to attract hundreds of thousands of people very quickly.

Personally even though I really like the site, I’m very doubtful that it can be successful given the amount of competition already out there. However, it is a great way to promote events across multiple web platforms, so perhaps it will gain a following from people who see it purely as a tool rather than as a social network in its own right.

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