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Why Doesn’t Our Company’s Social Media Work?

whyThe thousands of ‘Likes,’ Comments and Shares you expected to happen naturally for your company Facebook page never materialized, huh?

There are a number of reasons why your company’s social media isn’t working.

Luckily, there are some great tips for creating buzz around your social media platforms. Ready to get social?

Give your customers a reason to visit your social media channels

My parent’s generation still doesn’t quite “get” social media. They’re perplexed by the Sharing, Liking and constant flood of content. Generation X and Y however understand that social media isn’t just a digital playground, but can be an enormously effective tool to increase customer awareness and sales. Use your social media channels to show your community that you are a thought leader, share relevant, interesting content, or otherwise post pictures and quotes that are inspiring. Use Twitter to answer questions and interact more directly with customers.

If no one is interacting with your posts…

You either are posting crap that people can’t engage with at all, or you have yet to direct fans and customers to your social media channels. If the former is the case, start reading up on how to motivate people to click ‘Like,’ Share, or post comments. There are often some pretty psychological reasons behind why we click what we do. Engagement with your pages shows that people are actually listening and value your content. If the latter is the case, you need to add the social media ‘buttons’ to your website, marketing collateral and anything else you can think of with your company name and logo on it. Create buzz by offering discounts, free giveaways and posting images and videos of your team to show that you’re real people.

Follow brands that are good at social media

Learn the ropes from the best. Some of the big food and beverage companies, along with other companies like Apple, Google, etc are some of the best. They have entire teams devoted to making Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram all working for them full time. While bigger companies devote a lot of time, personnel and resources to building their followings, you should focus on incremental growth in followers and engagement. Experiment with similar content to that of your biggest competitors. Don’t necessarily copy them, but if they often post cute puppy pictures with quotes that get lots of traction, maybe it’s worth a try?

Buy ads or Likes

If you’re really just starting out with social media, it might be worth buying Likes. You can often get a few thousand fans for just a couple hundred dollars. Be careful with the companies you choose, as many are not real people, but rather dummy accounts. The benefit of having lots of Likes is simply one of validation. You’re trying to show the Internet world that your brand is relevant, people already like you (in both senses), and that your pages might be worth following. Facebook and Twitter offer fantastic advertising opportunities to target specific demographics of people. If your target audience is men, aged 20-60 who are upper middle class and enjoy golf, you can target that group literally to the T (get it…golf…to the T…?)

Social media is definitely tricky, but it also need not give you a headache.

The marketing landscape is changing. More and more, customers are learning about companies on social media even before visiting their websites. This is a huge opportunity to take advantage of (often times) free marketing platforms.

Whenever you get new press, a new partner, employee, push a new product, etc– post on all your social media platforms. Think of these sites as microphones for you to amplify your brand name, logo, product and services.

Using social media is the norm now, and if you utilize these broad tips, you’re likely to have some success.

About the Author: Peter Walters is a freelance writer and covers topics such as social media, reputation and spokeo removal. He is the Director of Biz Dev at Two Degrees Food, the first one-for-one food company, and lives in San Francisco with all his puppies.

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