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Landing That Job via Online Presence and Influence

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year and in just a few short months it will all be over – but not happily for everyone. We’re in September and like many other job hunters you have an overwhelming feeling of “Where the heck are the jobs?!” For the most part so many applicants feel very disoriented, frustrated and from their perspective, they don’t feel that that are any jobs available or rather, any that they can land. Even the burger-flipping market is pretty saturated. You may be overqualified and have only had eating experience with burgers, but you’d still take it if it was available. It feels like there’s no hope in sight – fast food joints think you’re too much of a genius and retail stores are only willing to give you 15 to 20 hours a week. So what do most people do?

Resort to underpaying part-time or freelancing gigs – usually 5 or 6 of them at a time. Is this the fate of job-seeking humanity for the rest of all time? NO! It certainly doesn’t have to be. With careful consideration, some well placed zeal and some strategic personal marketing, you can dominate your applications and interviews and land that job today! For those of you who are entering the job market, you probably fall into one of two loosely defined categories.

The first is the careerist:

This person is committed to their career and its advancement. They have the qualifications and the experience and are flexible enough to work in any environment.

Then there are the serial advancers:

These people are just unhappy with their current jobs and are looking for a change of pace.

What do these two rolls have in common? A willingness to do anything it takes to make that dream job or any job at all a reality. Unfortunately, a desire or willingness to do anything does not automatically guarantee you anything at all. To land a job in this economy, you need to he noticed. You have to stand out and be able to effortlessly contribute to the productivity of the company altogether. Have a read through of our top two suggestions to help up your employment ante:

1. Find out who the online influencers are that matter to your niche industry and to your prospective employer. Let the power of the internet be a valuable resource – follow them on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Make sure to read their blogs religiously and make poignant comments. When you develop a strong online connection with the people you want to work with, applying will be a cakewalk.

2. If your online presence has escaped you, get immediate online reputation help. Potential employers will look for you online and if what they find is less than favorable, this will give them the out they need to scratch you off the short list. Clean up your Facebook and find any unflattering photographs you may have left lying about. Nothing is more damaging than the folly of our youth come back to haunt us.

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  1. Hi,

    A genuinely helpful post. This post is a reflection of the minds of millions of job seekers across the world. It really takes a herculean task to land a job in this competitive world. It is completely true to be active through online communities. Luck may strike anybody anytime.


  2. I really love coming back to your blog reading your posts. I like the way you construct your article and the best part is you have your own uniqueness on how you describe it. Great job!!!

  3. Great effort in putting some valuable points together for job seekers. LinkedIn in today’s world is very popular and effectively advantage for getting hired faster than other sources.

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