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Sharing is Caring: 3 Fun Facebook Apps for Extroverted Facebook Fanatics

Do you want to boast about your latest holiday and show everyone what a great time you had while they have been working? Or maybe you finally want to hear what your friends really think of you?

Here are 3 great Facebook apps for those who like to share:

1. Where I’ve Been

This app allows you to stick virtual pins into any location on a world map. Let your Facebook friends see where you live. Show off the places you have travelled to and those destinations that you desperately want to visit. You can even add photos or videos to jazz up your personalized Where I’ve Been map.

Find it here

2. Honesty Box

Do you really want to know the harsh truth? Install this app and post a question into the Honesty Box. Your friends can reply and let you know what they think. All replies are anonymous so you will never know who said those jeans really do make you look fat. Learn the harsh truth, but be warned – you will have no way of knowing who actually posted the mean comment that made you cry!

Find it here

3. DivShare

Install this app and you can share mp3s, .doc files, and numerous other handy formats. There is no limit on storage space but any file you share must be under 200Mb. Great for those who like to spend a lot of time on Facebook and can’t be bothered to leave the site to mess around with emails when they want to send stuff to their friends.

Find it here

Tip: Use #1 to make friends jealous, #2 to let them get their revenge, and #3 allows you to hug and make up by sending a gift!

This guest post is written by Roko Nastic from – place where webmasters go to master the ever changing web and to find the best web hosting companies.

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