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How to Incorporate Twitter to Increase Exposure to Any Event

If you have an event coming up whether it is a business expo or a small local community fundraiser, Twitter can be used to increase attendance and draw attention to your cause. Consistency is key to getting the attention you want but there are some things you need to do to make an effective marketing campaign.

Create a Special Account

Set up a new Twitter account specifically for the event. It is simple to add an account that helps to showcase the event information. It also adds credibility to your event to have its own Twitter page where people can be kept up-to-date about what is going on in the time leading up to the event, during the event, and after it has concluded.

Use # in Each Tweet

Hashtag your event to make it easier to find. Let’s say you are sponsoring book sale in Podunk, PA. Create a personalize hashtag like #Podunkbooks. Use the same hashtag in all of your subsequent posts.

Get Others on Board

Offer followers incentives to include your hashtag in their posts. You can provide one or more people with free admission, a great giveaway, or special discounts for Tweeting and RT’ing the details on your event.

Be Consistent, Be Creative

If you want to grab people’s attention, you have to keep at it. Regular posts about the event will keep it fresh in follower’s minds. It is also just as important that you are not sending out the same message over and over. Boring your audience is not a way to incite enthusiasm. Keep your audience informed about behind-the-scene events leading up to the big day. Promote big ticket prizes, special guests, or ask followers where their interests lie.

Don’t Let It Die

If your event is truly a once and done thing, you may wish to deactivate your account at some point but if there is a possibility the event will be reoccurring, keep Tweeting. The followers you collect now will be instrumental in promoting the next event.

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