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Creditors Now Check Social Media

If you have been trying to turn a blind eye on your behavior in social media, now it is time to face the music. Everyone out there has the ability to access what you discuss and do online, especially with the more popular websites, like Twitter and Facebook. Yes, much of your social media information is accessible, especially if your profiles are set as public.

The point of the matter is that many financial institutions are now checking on social media websites to determine if a customer would be a good candidate for credit accounts. The idea behind this is that your conversation with friends in places like Facebook will disclose how you behave in business decisions. Some of the larger companies are gathering information from social media to create customer profiles, which show your behaviors, strengths, and weaknesses. This information can be used for a number of purposes, which may help marketers promote products to you that you may be interested in, as well as send you the right type of pre-approval letter based on your interests.

Creditors can also check out other people in your social network that may have accounts with them, which could reveal that if your friends are responsible cardholders, then you may be too. Much of this is speculation, but who really knew that social media would take it this far? The point of the matter is that you are being watched to a degree, so if you are concerned about your credit score, credit history, and future business decisions, much of that may depend upon the way that you handle yourself in social media.

Last of all, many financial institutions will not be able to gather this detailed information from you if your settings are on private, and make sure not to accept friend invitations from people that you don’t know. When you start to become vigilant and aware of what you say online, you can protect yourself from any potential mistakes affecting your future.

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  1. Strong warnings to those who think attitude, behaviours on the internet do not count should see thr handwriting on the wall by now. thanks for this piece

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