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5 Simple Steps To Dominate At Local SEO (Proven Strategy)

Struggling to capture top local keyword rankings? Are you competing against monster companies that you see no chance to win against? Today’s strategy will change the playing field. The following 5 steps will give you the local SEO edge and backlinks that you need to win.

We recently published a similar post on SemRush, and the post was voted the hottest post on SemRush for 2018 – with the highest “wow score” of the year. This is a killer strategy we are about to reveal!

This is a case study that has proven to work. The subject of this case study is a small Florida debt relief company.

This company was struggling to rank on Google for competitive keywords like debt consolidation and debt relief. After implementing the following strategy, now this company is dominating on Google for these same keywords and generating hundreds of leads per month – and generating leads organically! Organically, meaning – FREE.

Step One: Figure out your primary keywords and add a Ge-Modifier

Find your most competitive keywords, that right now you may not even be ranking close to page one for.

Use a keyword tool like the Google Adwords keyword tool. This tool is free and will get the job done with ease. After you plug-in a few generic keywords and hit search with the Google Adwords keyword tool, Google will then show you ad group ideas. These ad group ideas are where you can find your local page themes.

Choose the keyword ad group that has the highest search volume and then select 5 keywords out of that ad group that your business desires to rank for.

Next, add your location in front of and behind each keyword. So this debt relief company choose the following keyword theme:

Keyword theme: 

Florida debt

Florida debt relief

Florida debt consolidation

debt consolidation Florida

debt settlement Florida

Choose 5 related keywords to go along with each location page.

Step Two: Design your page (use this local SEO template)


Replace these debt relief related keywords with your company’s keywords.

You can make 100’s of location pages. You can make a location page for each city, or each state, depending on your company’s goals and business’s locations.

Step 3: Start building powerful .edu backlinks 

Offer an annual scholarship on your website.

You will publish the details of your annual scholarship on your website.

You will then reach out to the financial aid offices, at as many colleges as you possibly contact.

Just ask each college to share your scholarship on their website.

They will then link back to your scholarship page (on your site) and you now will get a powerful backlink from a college website.

If your business is a law firm, call the scholarship “The Annual Law Firm Scholarship”. Then to enter the scholarship students must be attending law school and they must answer a question that you come up with. The question should be related to your business.

Maybe it could be; “Why do you want to be a lawyer?”

Your law firm will then publish each applicant’s essay on your website. Inside each applicant’s essay, you can then link back to your location pages to pass some link equity to your “money pages”.

Step 4: Get massive social media shares and media attention

To win the scholarship, applicants need to start sharing their scholarship page. Keep in mind, “their scholarship page” is the one you published on your website for them to share. So each time they publish “their page” – they’re sharing your site.

After you publish their essay, email the applicant the page URL where you published their essay. Tell them to start sharing their page on social media to get votes. The applicant with the most votes wins the cash prize. So needless to say, these students are motivated to share their page (your site).

We created a “thumbs up” voting system. To vote, just hit the thumbs up on your favorite applicant’s web page. By hitting the “thumbs up” this simultaneously gives your website a like on Facebook.

At our debt relief company, we created a new blog category called “scholarship essays” and published the applicants’ essays on our main blog in this new category. We then linked to this new category from our home page.

The public can vote, but to vote, a person must first validate their identity on Facebook, to ensure they are a real person and to make the voting system a fair system for our applicants. As they are in the process of validating their identity, a message will popup saying “help your favorite applicant win by sharing their essay on Facebook”. The voters will almost always share your website on Facebook every time they vote.

Your website is about to go viral.

Step 5: Monitor the results and let your local SEO machine run automatically

You will be getting shares and likes while you sleep. The applicants will be doing marketing for you, passing their page around to everyone they know, helping your website get shares while you sleep. Aside from paying your developer to help you set all this up and aside from paying your tax-deductible scholarship money to the winner, your expenses are minimal.

Your rankings will start to go through the roof. You need to monitor the results with a tool like SemRush, where you can make sure if a spammy link comes through you can either disavow it or deal with it accordingly. You need to always monitor your results to make sure things are working accordingly. If something needs to be adjusted you will be able to see the details right away and can make proper adjustments. Don’t forget to monitor.

Paul PaquinBy Paul Paquin

Paul Paquin is the CEO at Golden Financial Services and a marketing wizard. Paul used Local SEO to take his debt relief company from a small company out of Florida to what’s now one of the largest debt relief companies in the nation. Golden Financial Services offers a unique debt relief program that uses federal laws to invalidate a credit card debt where consumers don’t have to pay it in many cases. Paul was able to solidify hundreds of top keyword rankings by using strategies like the one explained in this post.

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