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A Look into Pinterest Activity: Like v. Repin v. Comment

Look into Pinterest ActivityAs a Pinterest user, you might have noticed the three different settings on pins. There is the repin button, the like button and the comment section. Each one can be used on anything that has been posted on the site, to be viewed and used internally. You can also now do remote likes from websites, some of which have added a Pinterest button next to the Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons.

But why do they have all three when the point behind the site is to pin images to boards? Doesn’t having the rest defeat the purpose?

Why They Were Put There

This was a question that was put forth on popular question and answer site, Quora. It caught the attention of Paul Sciarra, who just happens to be the co-founder of Pinterest. He had an explanation about the need for all three.

According to him, the primary reasons they added the buttons were for quick collecting of images that would be pinned and sorted at a later date, and “to express their appreciation for a pin” that they didn’t want to place on a dedicated pinboard.

Seeing so many pin boards with a single image on them is a good example of why this feature should be encouraged. It allows you to maintain neat, fully functional boards, but also show that you enjoy something that doesn’t belong. For professional users, this is especially good.

What People Say

Look into Pinterest Activity

The general consensus from users seems to be that these three separate settings work well for them. Not only do many not always want to create a board with an image. They might enjoy something but not want it tied to them, such as in the case of people using accounts for their business.

Think of it in terms of Facebook. You may enjoy something that a friend posts, but you don’t want to repost every little thing that they have placed on their profile. So you click the like button instead to show you are watching, thought it was good or just feel like being encouraging.

As for the comments, sometimes you just want to give your opinion on a photo or video. Or maybe you have found the original source that isn’t there and wish to share it, or tell others about something similar you have seen on the web. Whatever the case, comments allow you to expand on the idea of sharing photos.

It is also a great way of giving criticism or praise on people’s original work. Many photographers, DIY experts, designers and even chefs have been posting pictures on Pinterest for awhile now. You can tell the source what you think of their work directly, while repinning or liking it.


In the end, these three features are really just three simple ways to use the site. You can repin something to a board if you want to collect it, like it is you don’t and comment for any purpose at all. They covered all their bases, and I, for one, am glad they did.

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  1. I’m always most pleased when people repin my pins! Love Pinterest, it’s such a good marketing tool.

  2. interesting post….thanks

  3. is there any tip to increase repins fast

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