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What’s So Great About Farmville?

I have to confess that I am one of those few Facebook users out there that does NOT play Farmville. However, I’m willing to be fair and give it an exploratory look within this post to see whether or not it is worth the time. Of course, I play a number of other app games on my iPhone, so why would I discriminate?

My only deterrence to Farmville is how many of my Facebook friends on the news feed update their Farmville information over and over again so that it clogs the live feed!

Is anyone else frustrated?

The advantages that I have seen so far from many Facebook users is that Farmville is just like an actual farm, and it can become quite addicting to do all of the related activities, especially when you get your friends on Facebook involved. Again, this is all Greek to me, but once you start asking for favors or other things from your Facebook friends, it becomes a never-ending cycle that you just can’t escape.

One other main draw to the Farmville craze is that it is reminiscent of many of the older SIMS games that used to be so popular. If you are someone who doesn’t like the bloody and gory games that your boyfriend may be playing, this is the perfect alternative to still have some media interaction without killing or going on missions. Farmville is a somewhat tamer, but you still get to be involved in your character, especially in that you are connected to your Facebook circle.

So what is the conclusion?

I have not become a believer just yet, but I do see why so many people are playing Farmville. It’s popular for a reason! This is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an interactive game with friends using SIM characters so that you can piddle your time away at work or at home for the love of the farm!

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3 Replies

  1. I think I had one night when I “got in” to computer games – the old shoot alien ship type of game. Not been a fan since as I’d rather kick a foot(soccer)ball.

    My wife loves farmville but thankfully purchasing her a wordpress/thesis website seems to have renewed our wedding vows!

  2. I actually just had a recent guest post about taming your addiction to farmville on my social media/search blog:

    I’ve never played, but a lot of people do.

  3. it makes two of us :) I have never played this game and I really don’t think I will play. First, I have no time for that and secondary, even if I had time I would not play that game I would find other better things to take care of it. Of course that’s just me …

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