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Is Twitter The Right Place For a Marriage Proposal?

Twitter For a Marriage Proposal

It is no secret that Twitter has taken the world by storm, especially since you can turn on the TV at any moment to see a celebrity (like P.Diddy) asking you to follow them on Twitter. What gives? Twitter is a wildly popular social media site, and it is used by many businesses, as well as average consumers, to connect with people all over the world.

Basically, Twitter is somewhat different from Facebook and MySpace because it allows you to tweet updates on what you are doing in real time. There are new debates about whether or not social media tools like this are beneficial to relationships and interaction since you can simply tweet to whomever you are talking to instead of picking up the phone and calling them directly. Is social media ruining our ability to connect within relationships?

One strike against social media would be the latest Twitter marriage proposal. This tweet stated “i just can’t wait one minute longer to ask you this. Will you marry me? i want to share the rest of our lives together.” in 140 characters or less. Pretty impressive, right? There’s no way to know if this was a hoax or a legitimate marriage proposal, but it seemed pretty heartfelt.

You can take your stance however you would like regarding social media networks, but overall, Twitter is a beneficial tool for promoting your own business or just connecting with friends. As a word to the wise, it may be a great idea to save your marriage proposals for in person (just a thought!), but otherwise, why not use Twitter for all it is worth? It’s a great way to stay caught up with family members and friends, promote your blog or website, or find out the latest information on new products and services online. What’s not to love?

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  1. Countless marriages could be saved if only those couples knew the pillars that successful relationships are built upon. Almost all happy and successful marriages have four things in common. The good news is that these are not material things. Any couple can develop these pillars and make their union solid.

  2. No!

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