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Twitter Expands into Every Sector

The advent of social networking websites has brought a lot of people closer to their friends, old schoolmates and extended family members. Suddenly, people are sharing more pictures, videos, and making more chatter. But one of the websites positively contributing to the increased chatter is special. It is called Twitter. It can be used by individuals to broadcast short messages, referred as status updates, to their friends and followers. Each status update is restricted to a maximum of 140 characters. Twitter allows individuals to become followers of any other Twitter user, thereby receiving status updates of the users being followed.

However, the micro blogging website leaves the choice regarding whom to follow up to the individual user. Many people chose to follow celebrities such as movie actors, sportsmen, politicians, news presenters, writers etc. to get an insight into the thoughts and opinions of their celebrities. Most celebrities have large fan followings which translates into millions of followers on Twitter. Some celebrities actually use the number of Twitter flowers to brag about their popularity.

Of late, the corporate world has started using Twitter to broadcast news about the new product launches, investor relations events, stock analyst summits, top executive changes etc. Given the number of individuals using Twitter platform, it has become an essential part of the social media strategy of most companies. Companies are now hiring dedicated social media experts to relay official company tweets. These social media experts use Twitter as an indispensable part of marketing campaigns.

Twitter is an excellent communication tool. It also offers trending functionality. In essence, it refers to the facility of aggregating status messages with specific keywords or sequence of characters. The total count of a trending topic reflects the popularity of that topic in discussions across the micro blogging population.

Traditional media companies such as newspapers and television channels are integrating the ability to display Twitter updates on news topics, programs, and journalists on their websites. This allows them to make their programming/news interactive. Comments made on Twitter are often quoted by newspapers and news broadcasters to reflect the people’s opinion.

Twitter can also be used for the devious purpose of gathering primary competitive intelligence. An individual can create a fake Twitter account, and follow senior management of a business competitor, thereby gaining access the key messages/thoughts expressed by the competitor’s executives. Therefore, companies must provide directives to their employees regarding Twitter usage.

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