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The Twitter Etiquette You Must Know

It’s no secret that Twitter is a common tool used by so many businesses, especially those that may be focusing on marketing or public relations. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you can’t necessarily approach Twitter in the same way. Regular Twitter users are oversaturated with the abuse of social media, so they may not be open to what you have to say as a company or brand.

It is best to keep your promotions in your tweets short and to the point. People will be much more prone to listening to what you have to say if you are focused and clear, instead of relying upon hype or overpromotion. If you do want to speak privately or gain more information from people, direct messages are a much better choice. This is something that many journalists and PR reps use so that they can talk to someone in detail without having it as public knowledge. If you are communicating through a reply on Twitter, keep in mind that anyone can join in your conversation. This means that if you are making business connections or talking about something work-related, it is better to keep it private through a direct message.

Last of all, remember to follow up all of your Twitter connections with an e-mail. Just because Twitter is incredibly convenient doesn’t mean that all business practices and social niceties need to be thrown by the wayside. If someone does have your e-mail address available, e-mail them directly to continue in your business connection, or ask them for their e-mail address so that you can contact them further. This will create a much better impression than simply tweeting to someone, especially if they are a potential client or business prospect.

These best Twitter practices will make a serious difference in the representation of your business and brand online, and they will set you apart from the rest!

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4 Replies

  1. “anyone can join in your conversation” Isn’t that the whole point of social networking?

  2. Ian Lawn May 2nd 2010

    FB,Twitter etc is a great way to communicate from all around the world. To express views and have fun!

  3. I’m new to Twitter, but what you mention here seems to echo a lot of what I’ve seen so far.

    Twitter seems to be designed to be a teaser…not anything personal.

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