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The Rise of Real Time Search Engines

There are some search engines that immediately come to mind when you conjure a mental list. Google, Yahoo and Bing are almost always going to be the three that are put ahead of the rest. But these are usually only good for basic searches, not live results. When you want to get the best live results on the web, where do you go?

What Are Real Time Search Results?

These are any results from a search engine that target social networking status updates and information, for example Tweets. This means they are being posted or seen in real time, rather than as stagnant search results that can stay the same even long after a link has expired or a domain has been canceled. Using certain engines you can get these results to see what is being talked about, trending or to find something specific.

How Can I Use Real Time Search Results?

There are a number of applications for these kinds of results. Possibly the most widely used is that for marketers and businesses who are looking for real customer opinions. Using a product as a keyword,  you can find people who have bought, tried or may be interested in trying what you sell. You can also communicate with them, offering special deals, addressing complaints and providing customer service in a more direct manner.

Popular Real Time Search Engines

Google Realtime Search

Google expanded earlier this year to include an option for real time results. It was a huge move, as social networking becomes an increasingly important part of daily communication. Businesses will often have their own Twitter or Facebook accounts, and one of the first places people review a product is via status message. It was only natural that Google became involved, as they maintain the spot for most used search engine on the web.

One Riot

The largest and most comprehensive social networking search engine, One Riot has managed to hold their own in a world of Google domination. What makes them so special is the ease of which they can be used. Instead of offering you a million results you have to search through, it bunches them up into a single headline that covers any results when you click on it.

While this is a great tool and simple to use, keep in mind that the bulk of their results come from news organizations, not independent social networking users.


Though not as big as the other two, 48ers is a great search generator for anyone who already knows what is trending, or what they are looking for. If you don’t you won’t have much luck here. But the upside is that with a good list of leads you will find a lot of results specifically from Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blogs, Foursquare and other accounts run by real users. That is a paradise for anyone who is looking to get customer opinions, or see what the average person is saying about the day’s news.

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  1. Buzzdock is also a realtime search. It scans several media sites and provides the latest results- i guess realtime results. It’s cool too cause it’s a pretty good range of sites it scans: twitter, youtube, amazon, etc. So, you get a good amount of information. I’d definitely recommend it.

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