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Make The Most Out Of A Facebook Fan Page

It’s the time of embracing social media and allowing it to grow your business. Here are some of the most recent statistics about facebook. There are 350 million facebook users across the world of which 50% log in on any given day and spend an average of 55 minutes on it. And there are 1.6 million facebook fan pages that have been established successfully.

So creating a facebook fan page can pave way for greater exposure to your brand to thousands of new customers. But how can you make the most from it? Here are some tips for you.

The content

Give reasons for your fans to visit your page frequently. You will have to keep the content fresh and post them on a regular basis. This actually doesn’t require a lot of time. Posting about exclusive offers and events that took place in your company will attract people to your page. The fan page is a great place to promote your launch of new products and services. Integrating facebook with other social media can still help a bit more and produce amazing results.


Built for interactive communication, the entire social media is ruling the world. The chances for success of your fan page is very less if you don’t interact with the customers. Waiting for it to happen will still waste a lot of time.Just go on initiate a conversation. Posting conversations and creating polls for feedback and opinions of the product is a great way to interact with customers. Also creating games/puzzles that are themed on your product is another way to interact with customers. Remember, marketing efforts have to be planned carefully and reinforced. Simply creating a facebook page since everyone has it will not help you in anyway.

Give something

Give something to your users which they can`t get from any other fan page across facebook. Any item that has value will attract people to your page. For instance, free shipping or an exclusive coupon for facebook fans will help in promoting the page to greater extent.

A fan that is made to feel like the insider who owns a stake in your company is more likely to remain loyal to your brand and help in promoting it across the globe. Giving something to the fans will help you in receiving some new fans across the globe.

Engage visitors

Ask your employee`s to get involved in the page and post activities that took place recently at your company. Create a personal connection with them when you get a chance. However you have to make the first time visitors of your fan page to know what exactly your brand is. Giving them a small welcome note will help them a lot.

Posting pictures of your workplace and the events held will help in establishing a personal network with the fans. This will encourage visitors to engage in your activities and promote your brand.

Organize a contest

This could be a great way to promote your brand across facebook. These are enticing incentives to fans. Organizing a contest will pull a lot of people to your page. But make sure you follow the guidelines as mentioned by facebook. Recently, marketers and advertisers were told to undergo an approval process for all contests on facebook. The contest had been conducted through an embedded application instead of the Facebook wall.

A lot of brands follow this strategy to add people to their network. Attractive prizes will indeed a pull a lot of people to your page. Creating a contest which states “Best Fan of the month” will make people to come for your page often.

A better way in order to earn a fan’s loyalty is by giving them a sneak peak of your upcoming products or events. You can use this as an opportunity to reward to your fans and at the same time you can get a feedback from also before it is already launched to the public. Making the most of a facebook fan page requires proper planning and execution.

Knowing about the Facebook API and using third party softwares, you can promote your page and make the most of it. It is a platform for more informal conversation.

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  4. For me, whether its spreading a word in my schoolmates or sharing my website content, Facebook Fan page always remains there as the first choice. But Getting more likes on the page is kinda a tough task. This was a nice post overall. Enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!

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