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LinkedIn Signal – The Signal that Will Change Information Sharing among Professionals

The latest Signal interface from LinkedIn offers a new way for professionals to share information and news. It is an effective way to filter status updates from your professional connections. The Signal interface is in its beta stage and anyone can join the same through URL using their LinkedIn username and password.

LinkedIn’s Estaban Kozak wrote on the company blog:

“Signal is the first of many LinkedIn products aimed at making it really easy for all professionals to glean only the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news. In other words, Signal allows all professionals to make sense of the noise that surrounds them today”.

Signal interface helps professionals to filter out the most relevant information from unwanted information (that is not related to the users interest) that is spread across the whole network. LinkedIn signal has five important features

  • Filter shared information
  • Search relevant information
  • Use real time rich media content
  • Find trending topics
  • Know who all shared the information

The above features are really helpful to sort out relevant information from a network that does have tons of information that is shared online. The filter feature lets you filter information by network, industry, company, time and region. The search option combined with the filter feature will provide you with the most relevant information. LinkedIn also allows users to save real time search results.

The search result save option is really worth as we are living in a paced environment where we won’t be able to go deeply through each shared information and news. This save feature helps us to come back at any time to find the saved results and read more about the news and information that has been saved.

Most of the social networks are trying out rich media content integration and it is good to see that LinkedIn has also integrated rich media content into their information sharing feature. If you are not aware of LinkedIn Signal then it is time to catch up with relevant news and information signals from your professional network.

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