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Kids, Cells, and Social Media

The cell phone is the one piece of technology that can do just about everything  kids seem to enjoy, according to one recent study.  The cell phone allows kids to engage in various forms of social entertainment all through one little piece of equipment.  Kids can talk, text, listen to music, watch videos and play games

According to a new study done by Kaiser Family Foundation and recently published on the cnet news website, there is a major increase in the amount of time kids spend using social media.  The study focused specifically on the use of social and recreational forms of media by kids ages 8 through 18.  The report suggests that in a study of kids ranging in age from 8 to 18, each spend 7 hours a day on average using social and entertainment media including television, computers, video games, cell phones, and IPODS are just a few of the common forms to technology used for social entertainment.

The study reveals a great deal of good information about how youth today are spending their time.  Much of that time seems to be enjoying some form of social media and not traditional print such as books and newspapers. In fact, these mediums rank the lowest in popularity among the age group studied. Should this be a cause for concern?  The study also reports that two-thirds of kids ranging in age from 8-18 today have a cell phone.  This percentage has jumped 39% in the last five years.  Makes you wonder what the next five years will bring for the future of our children.

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