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Internet Marketing the Pinterest Way: Tips for Increased Efficiency

Social media marketing is ‘The’ craze concerning internet marketing. There are so many new social media sites, each with some unique approach or new agenda; it can become quite overwhelming to decide on the most suitable platforms for your blog promotion. However, it is evident that Pinterest (a relatively new image based social media site) has proved to be one of the most attractive social sites available for marketers to consider. Here are some details that will help you understand the appeal of the site and how to work with this appeal for your own sites’ promotions.

Understanding Pinterest’s Appeal

This site has the maximum visual appeal of almost all of the social media sites available on the Internet. In fact, the whole concept of the site is based n creating image collages to recreate the timeline r the theme of different stories.

The attraction stands on the site being easy, quiet fun and at the end of the process you have beautiful picture messages to convey your story or study some other story without the trouble of going through unadorned words. Yet, undeniably, you can use the platform for your extremely influential marketing agenda. Here is how-

Basics of How it Works for You

Start by getting a Pinterest account registered with the site. You can create vision boards (which they call pin boards here!) where you stick or ‘pin’ images relevant to your site, your work process, some new project (depends on your choice).

Now, follow up with some of these effective tips to combine your Pinterest efforts with your content marketing approach. Just for your information, this year (Jan 2012) Pinterest has achieved a track record of driving an impressive amount of traffic to various sites and has effectively trumped most of the popular social media sites( Google, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.) in this regards.

  • Start with refining your ‘About’ section of your profile. The site allows you to exhibit a certain kind of impression so ensure that your profile encourages that attitude. Your readers should be able to relate your bio with your collages, which will eminently spike the interest to follow up on your information at your site.
  • Needless to say, add your site URL (correctly!) with your profile, so your readers know where to follow up. It seems like a frivolous detail yet it is the most important connection and many sites lose on potential readers by just overlooking this possibility.
  • Multiply your visibility quotient by adding your Pinterest account to the other social media sites where you have build up a potential following (Think Twitter, Facebook, Google+).
  • Maintain a steady stream of posting or’ pinning’ content images on Pinterest. Rather than sudden intense spikes and days of no activity on your site, you can continue a schedule, which will allow our readers to anticipate the next posts (try to always deliver on that promise!)
  • When you start assembling your pinboards, always consider a variety of sources rather than limiting yourself to just one or two. It will open up a more interesting contrast of resources and you can play up different themes for added interest.
  • Extend your creativity to very exciting board names. Short, catchy titles will add to the interest of the boards and these titles circulate every time you pin up an image on that particular board.
  • Create a share button for Pinterest on your site to lead your usual readers as well as the random traffic to check out your ‘pinboards’. It is a symbiotic connection and more importantly, it will continually boost your readers’ interest in what you have to say. Also, add a ‘Pin It’ button with every blog post, so your readers can continue to share your posts on their pinboards too.
  • Always add images to the content posts on your sites. These images are your main dice on ‘Pinterest’ to create awareness about the post. The mages should be interesting and capable of conveying the main purpose of the post.
  • For security and individualization of the images, you might consider watermarks. However, make sure the watermarks are classy and do not affect the image’s quality or attraction. Better still, you might want to add keyword optimized, short descriptions with the images to connect it to your business and the context of the board.

Apart from these steps, you can also take some unconventional approaches like adding a price tag to some of your most ambitious pinborads. Just tack in a dollar or pounds symbol to the boards. This might get your boards featured within the gifts section of the site. Always concentrate on creating stories that identify with your site’s message and adds to your vision.

Remember, appealing images work well on Pinterest. So make sure you use high quality images. The same can be obtained from stock photo websites like istockphot and thinkstock. Of course, if you’re concerned about the prices, you can always use discount coupons as that of istockphoto promo coupon and thinkstock coupon.

cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by {maira.gall}

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