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How To Make Your Mail Marketing Campaign Work

How To Make Your Mail Marketing Campaign WorkAre the envelopes you send your company’s mail in just plain, undecorated, white or brown envelopes? Countless firms do exactly that, and it seems reasonable, after all. Surely, it’s the content inside that matters; the envelope is just a container? Why waste time on non-essentials?

Or maybe you have taken a small step further and customised your envelopes with a discreet logo in the corner? Does that count as “branding”?

A Good Envelope Can Start Your Campaign

In fact, with both those approaches you could be missing out on a powerful marketing opportunity. For all your company’s outgoing mail, but most especially for marketing campaigns, ask yourself: What is the first thing any existing or potential customer sees of your business when you write to them? It’s the envelope you’ve sent the letter in, of course! And this is repeated each time you write; if you write several times a week to the same person, it’s still the envelope they see first.

What will they take from those first sightings? Nothing at all if you’ve used a plain envelope, and not much more if you’ve just shown a dowdy business logo in discreet dark blue or black, hidden away in the corner.

On the other hand, if your envelopes display an arresting message beside your logo, highlighted in a bright colour scheme, everyone who handles it will draw something out of it. You will be building your company’s reputation every time another person sees your envelope, no matter how subconscious the process may be.

How Envelopes Work For You

Your regular customers will quickly recognise your communications, and automatically shift their thoughts to you long before they open them.

Even if the people you write to have secretaries handling their mail, a well-designed envelope will still raise your company’s importance in the eyes of those staff, quite unwittingly causing them to give you more importance as they deal with their bosses about your correspondence.

And many a boss, arriving early in the morning (as they do) and seeing the unopened mail lying on the reception desk, will pick up a letter if it happens to catch their eye. You want it to be your letter they pick out. They could be dealing with you, whether just in thought or by explicit action, before they have even started their day.

An envelope has the potential to attract interest, even to put people into a good mood, if it is decked out in cheerful colours and with an encouraging and memorable message or slogan plainly visible. It can be your company’s silent ambassador, drawing the attention of everyone who sees it to your business.

An Envelope For Your Marketing Campaign

When it comes to mail marketing campaigns the same considerations apply. Don’t just send your marketing mail in your standard envelope. Plan to have just a small part of that campaign displayed on the envelopes you send out. Just a few words maybe, but they should inform about your campaign, and entice the recipient into reading the contents.

If you are inviting recipients to reply by post, do you provide a pre-addressed, pre-paid, easy-seal envelope for them to use? If you make the process of replying easy for them, you will receive more leads.

And of course, those pre-addressed envelopes should likewise be distinctively decorated in your firm’s colours and message. Don’t just give them a boring envelope with nothing more than an address. Make even the process of replying to your marketing campaign be interesting, and memorable, for all those interested future customers!

Paul Thompson is the Director for Rapid Envelopes which produces quality printed envelopes and charity envelopes for businesses across the UK.

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