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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Daily Deals

So many deals, so little time.

Is it possible to get too much of a great deal?

Apparently, yes. Given the success of group buying sites such as LivingSocial and Groupon, there has been an explosion of companies, both old and new, that are bombarding their email lists with daily deals.

The result is consumers that cannot resist missing such “great deals” and they end up with so many deals that often they cannot use. Common reasons are that buyers either did not pay attention to the fine print or that they end up not wanting going on that 60% off skydiving class.

Luckily, entrepreneurs have taken noticed of this trend and consumers are now able to alleviate their buyer’s remorse by tapping into a growing number of websites that help people sell the online daily deals they can’t use or suddenly don’t want. Here is a list of website that help you to get rid of unwanted daily deals.


dealsgoround logo

Launched in March 2010 in Chicago, DealsGoRound was the first secondary marketplace in North America to re-sell and buy past daily deals from major coupon companies such as Groupon. As of 08/01/11, the company operates in 128 cities in North America.

The company founder, Kris Petersen, conceived DealsGoRound while working as an entrepreneur at Lightbank, a startup incubator created by Groupon’s co-founders.  The service is available for you through the web, iPhone or Android-based smartphone. DealsGoRound has gone a long way from looking like a Craigslist carbon copy to a more elegant platform that resembles StubHub from eBay.


lifesta logo

Lifesta has an impressive management team. Co-founder Yael Gavish holds a MBA from Wharton and an MSc in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. She was a project manager McKinsey & Company’s Retail practice and engineered wireless device projects at Sun Mycrosystems.

Co-founder Eran Davidov holds a BA in Computer Science from the Technion and an MBA from Santa Clara University’s Leavey school of business. He was a director of engineering at Sun Microsystesms. The technical know-how of this team allowed Lifesta to run a fully digital operation way before DealsGoRound. The business model of Lifesta is simple: $0.99 per transaction plus a 8% commission.

Other Alternatives

While there are 2 more alternatives, SellMyDeal and TakeMyCoupons, the traffic of these 2 sites is much smaller than that of Lifesta and DealsGoRound (note: on the Compete chart above, the data from is too small to plot).

While enjoyed a big spike on March and April 2011, the traffic has dropped dramatically according to Compete.


Get rid of your unwanted deals at and

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  1. Lorarian89 Aug 9th 2011

    Wow thanks so much for these tips! my mailbox is flooded with these offers!!

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  3. Great tips and I really want to have these tips because my mail box always fill up with these offers and I want to get rid of it.

  4. Michael Aug 13th 2011

    Great post, thanks for the tips. I had to change my e-mail address every half a year because it kept on being flooded with these kinda offers!

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  7. I wonder how many people have made a business out of buying up popular daily deal and then unloading them on one of these sites.

  8. @Carly Without a doubt! Given all the buzz regarding Google’s $6 billion bid for Groupon and Groupon’s IPO process, it makes sense that more people wanted to jump into the money bandwagon.

  9. Offer on media is a help for us on some reasons however there are some uninvited ones.

  10. Hm.. It’s interesting. Sometimes I’m just getting annoyed with those daily deals. Thanks!

  11. Glad to help!
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