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Great Tips for Sharing on Social Media

Whether you are on YouTube, Twitter, Flickr or Facebook, what you share will have a huge impact on you and your overall brand. Therefore, before sharing anything in social media, you need to think about what kind of online personality you want to project. Here are some guidelines which can help you connect effectively with your customers and enhance your brand visibility.

Be real and transparent

To be effective in social media, you need to be as authentic as possible. Share with people the actual occurrences of your life. Once you engage with people and are able to sustain conversation, it will then be easier to talk to them about your business.

Use an appropriate avatar

Your profile bio and your avatar are an integral part of your personality in social media. Make sure there is consistency in your bios and avatars across all your social profiles. For business profiles, you need to decide whether to use the owner’s face or the company logo as the avatar. Each of these will require a unique branding approach. Using the same avatar across all my social media profiles has been instrumental in branding my business which promotes snapfish coupons and mixbook discounts.

Leave a legacy

Your brand’s legacy is influenced by your social media personality. Therefore, you need to make sure that your personality is branded for the long haul. Anything that is shared on social media can be accessed by your stakeholders as well as the public. What you tweet, post or share today should be beneficial to your brand tomorrow.

Be consistent

When it comes to social media, presenting multiple personalities of yourself or your business will ultimately work against you. If you are a technology expert one day, and a diet specialist the next, people will get confused and stop connecting with you. Therefore, before you start sharing on social media, you should first think about what you want to talk about. Once you have selected your niche, stick to it. People will then start seeing you as an expert in your field since you have branded yourself as one.

Even when you join multiple social networks, you need to maintain the same personality across every network.

Avoid social climbing

As you build your brand in social media, you should not just reach out to individuals who have many ‘friends’, ‘connections’ or ‘followers’. While connecting with the leading pack, don’t ignore other smaller, but quality audiences who can also add value to your brand.

Create fan pages and groups

Creating a fan page or a group offers you the opportunity to connect with current customers while also reaching out to new audiences. You can start discussion forums to encourage people to share their views on different topics.

Return on Engagement

How effective is your social media personality? You need to find out if you are getting any Return on Engagement (ROE) for your efforts. The following are some ways of assessing your engagement.

  • The amount of incoming traffic from links
  • The number of subscriptions to your RSS feeds
  • The number of people in your fan pages and social media groups
  • Linkbacks or trackbacks to posts
  • Comments on blog posts
  • Increased inquiries or sales

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Charles Mburugu is fascinated with Social Media and how they allow us to share our life with friends, family, and clients. In addition to sharing on  Social Media, he likes to create photo books, as a means to share his life’s great moments.  He has written a knockout review of Mixbook, as well as this post about Snapfish. Mixbook and Snapfish are two online software appliations that help you create personalized photo books, calendars, and cards, to share your life with other people.

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  2. Great tips you got there. I totally realized what to put and what not to put in my website so that it would be success rather than going down. thanks so much!

  3. Most people probably don’t know how good social media can be for their business, and many don’t realize how effective social media is. Without a way of measuring the success of social media, they are blindly using that form of communication without realizing the effect it has with their customers.

  4. Well these tips are really good and wonder if we all follow these rules and can be called a Good SMO !

  5. nice post buddy. Your shutouts are well noted and will be looking forward to similar posts. social media has now taking over the internet we must take advantage of that.

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