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Google’s Top 3 Epic Product Fails

3 Epic Product FailsOh boy, this is going to be one heck of an article here, sure to ruffle a few feathers and cause some eyebrows to head heavenward. But, at the end of the day that’s good content. We’re going to tackle Google, and 3 of their so-called “products” that were, or will soon be, epic fails. Sounds fun right? Yeah, thought so, let’s get into it.

Wait a sec, hot off the presses: “Google stock sinks as mobile struggles continue” It seems that the mega company is going through a few issues. They claim people like to click their ads, but when was the last time you or ANYONE you know actually clicked one of their pestering ads?

“Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said in a conference call Wednesday afternoon that the company’s mobile ad revenue is being held up in part because merchants haven’t spent enough time developing their mobile sites, assuming that customers will make more purchases via desktop.”

Right, so it’s not Google’s fault. It’s ours. Whatever. The sooner Google goes away and gets replaced by something less “Big Data” the better. With that said here we go and we’ll start with #1.

#3: Ever Heard of Google Answers?

Ugh! Google cars, phones, TV and everything else under the sun. This is getting ridiculous. But, not as sad as when Google tried to dominate the web-answers arena. It just didn’t happen, regardless of the fact that Google paid people to try and answer questions. It never went anywhere, although it lasted for nearly 4 years before taking a technological dirt nap.

Then of course, right after this went away so did Froogle. What a horrid name! It was basically meant to be a search engine for products. Today, it’s known as Google Product Search which is much better. I mean, Froogle? Really?

#2: Google Video

They tried to take on YouTube, but had to admit defeat back in 2009/2010. What was the answer? Well, they just went ahead and bought YouTube. Great. So basically, Google is trying to take over the internet and it’s not going to work. We’ll get to this a bit more in a moment, but Google is going to crash and burn hard. The name may still be around in 10 years, but it will digress into nothing but an abrupt advertising medium that people avoid like the plague.

Speaking of which, remember when Google tried to get into print ads as well. Ugh! My lord, aren’t there already enough Google ads online? Thank God that after 2 years it went away. That would have been just way too much to deal with. We’re supposed to moving away from conventional advertising (incredibly annoying and childish) but if Google has their way we’ll be bombarded every second of every day no matter what we’re doing or where we are.

#1: Their Freaking Search Engine

Wait, what?! The almighty Google search is an epic fail? Yes. Most definitely yes and it’s already on a downward spiral. So it’s time all you marketing MBAs and Silicon Valley suckers stop worshipping the soon to be irrelevant company. Why? Because it’s become more of a nuisance than anything else. Google advertising and marketing has gone completely overboard. It’s so invasive now that people are slowly but surely hoping and waiting for a better, more secure, alternative.

We all know that Google is tracking everything we search for. Next to the NSA and Facebook, Google is a poster child for “Big Brother.” Enough is enough! Sooner rather than later the search engine field is going to get a bit more variety, and an open-source alternative is going to completely destroy Google’s monopoly. They’re getting too big, too indiscriminate for their own good and their days are numbered. What do you think?

By Ali Asjad

Ali Asjad is a content strategist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He helps companies in vast and varied verticals be more successful and visible online. Circle him on Google+ to further the conversation.

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