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Finggers.Com: Bringing App Lovers Closer

It seems like the world has gone absolutely App crazy. Every day on my Facebook feeds I see that another person has added a new App to their phone and hooked it up so all their friends can see them having fun with their new toy.

Which is why, a social network built around people who love mobile phone Apps, seems like such a good idea. The site provides an easy web based interface through which people can search for Apps they might like, whilst at the same time getting to read reviews by other members to see what they think about them.

Finggers also provides an environment in which App developers can promote their work to a targeted community of users who are already interested in similar products, allowing them to collect invaluable feedback during the development of new projects.

In theory this could potentially be a really great site, as the sheer amount of App’s flooding into the smartphone markets is only set to grow. Google’s App Marketplace has often been called the ‘Wild West’ of App stores, because it is so vast and unorganized, with no quality checks in place before Apps are approved for entry. As the number of smartphone platforms increase (as they are set to do over the coming years), so too will the number of wild App’s running around the net. With that being the case Finggers could be positioned for big things.

Unfortunately, the site currently only supports the iPhone (which has the best App store of them all). However, there are plans to add Android integration soon, with other platforms set to follow depending upon the success of the site and the platforms themselves.

Possibly as a result of only currently serving the iPhone, Finggers is a bit underpopulated at the moment. Not only in terms of members, but also in the amount of Apps they have reviews for. To be fair, building a community whilst documenting all the Apps that have begun appearing over the last few years is no small task, which is why Finggers still considers itself to be in the beta stages of its development.

As to be expected from a site centered around the development of Apps, Finggers have managed to produce their own iPhone App, which allows users to synch their phones with their site profile (in order to record what Apps they have). This is a great way to help expand the sites App database, a move which is seeing Finggers potential usefulness grow larger day by day.

As a business this start up shows a lot of potential, they’ve been around for about six months now and I think by this time next year they should be in position to not only make some serious money, but also to provide a very valuable service as well.

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