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Are Online Dating Sites More or Less Social?

  • July 19th, 2013 by SEM Contributor
The Internet has facilitated many changes in the dating world. At one time dating was dominated by meeting people through friends, meeting in a bar or other social gathering, or through an offline dating service. Remember the days of making a video for a dating service? While you can still make videos, it’s usually in the comfort of your own… Read more

Cheating Online Inc.

  • December 15th, 2011 by Damian Davila
In a world where “1 in 5 New Relationships Begin on an Online Dating Sites” (according to data from, it is not a surprise that there are several companies trying to capitalize on this trend. Want to meet Christian singles? Try Can’t find somebody big enough to handle your love? Try Looking for the sugar daddy of… Read more

Navigating The Dating Game on Facebook and Twitter

  • May 12th, 2011 by SEM Contributor
When we think about online dating, we instinctively think of Plentyoffish and eHarmony. Particularly in the past 12 months though, mobile technology and dating apps have integrated with many dating sites that now use the massive reach of Facebook and Twitter as a legitimate and highly targeted dating and social solution. Because the Internet in widely used and accepted within… Read more

The Advancement of Social Media – The History of Social Media Series

  • January 11th, 2011 by Ann Smarty
*This is the second post in “History of social media” series. Please see the first part here: Before Social Media: Precursors* Social media has moved onto a whole new playing field since its’ slow start in the late 1970’s. The creation of more sophisticated software, interactive websites and new ways of sharing information and content have boosted networking to a… Read more

Finggers.Com: Bringing App Lovers Closer

  • October 7th, 2010 by Ann Smarty
It seems like the world has gone absolutely App crazy. Every day on my Facebook feeds I see that another person has added a new App to their phone and hooked it up so all their friends can see them having fun with their new toy. Which is why, a social network built around people who love mobile phone… Read more

Miami to Host 2010 Internet Dating Conference

  • January 11th, 2010 by Tisha Tolar
Just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the 2010 Internet Dating Conference to be held in Miami, Florida from January 27th-29th. The iDate 2010 conference is the largest gathering of internet dating service providers, social networking executives, mobile telecommunications executives, media executives, vendors and other leaders in the social media industry. Exhibitors will also be on hand to showcase the… Read more