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Facebook Marketing: Tips you Must Master to Make Money

It is no secret.  Facebook is everywhere.  You can’t pull up a newspaper (or an RSS feed, depending on your fancy) without finding something new about Facebook.  Many use Facebook for fun, and many use it for money.  What most people don’t know is that there are clear rules in play that make Facebook effective for a business vs. ineffective for a business.  Follow these 3 simple rules to master using Facebook for business.

1) The Purpose of Facebook for Business is for 3 Things

Never forget the purpose of anything you do, especially in business.  Keep in mind that the purpose of any business based Facebook campaign should be to:

  • Communicate with your potential customers and audience
  • Promote the company brand in the marketplace
  • Drive traffic and revenue for the company

The purpose is NOT to be friends with people and the purpose is NOT to be social.  The purpose is to MAKE MONEY.  All interaction with Facebook and other social media tools should reflect as such.

2) Facebook vs. Twitter:

Unlike Twitter and other types of social media, Facebook is a destination, not a search engine.  Unlike other internet marketing platforms, Facebook should not be used as a sales funnel (like Twitter) but should instead be used as a sales cycle.  It is a place where users can become familiar with the company brand and where users can get comfortable with the company.  When they are ready to “buy” they already know and trust us.

3) Target Market

The company should a target market to provide the company a vision, from which to create valuable content.  The Target Audience provides you the ability to focus all of your Facebook content and postings on exactly what the ideal customer wants.  Nothing sways from these topics.

So come up with an IDEAL customer profile.  Create the ideal characteristics and interests of your ideal client.  To more clearly narrow it down to a specific person, choose and actual person:  like “a rich James Bond” as an example of your company’s ideal customer.  Then chose a number of interests and challenges targeted for this ideal profile. These interests will provide the company “fodder” with which to create valuable content to the audience.  Everything in Facebook (and other social media pertaining to your industry) should be based around the needs and desires of potential customers like “a rich James Bond”.

Facebook can be a huge success or a huge time-waster, depending on how you use it.  Follow these 3 simple techniques and you’ll be well on your way to strengthening your brand, and fattening your wallet.

Pat Lindles is a wine broker who uses social media to encourage wine aficionados to buy wine online from one of his several stores.  He lives in Phoenix, AZ with his family.

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  1. Nice post.Facebook has got a lot of potential in it.It can change any marketing campaign into a religion.I like your point about using facebook as a sales cycle.

  2. I have always been using Facebook as a means to get in touch with my customers. However, I somehow disagree with the idea of using Facebook to make money because you cannot make money without social engagement. That’s why it’s called social media because we have to socialize and to be social.

  3. Great tips here. I like how you have broken down the difference between twitter and facebook for businesses. You’re right facebook for businesses is to make money not to socialize. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Love this post- so sharp and useful. I tootaly agree with your approach, thanks :)

  5. hi, thanks for the post. Certainly point to a thought.
    I look at a lot of business on Facebook, and by what that I see, still have not found the way to make Facebook for the business machine. A lot of businesses, fosters the their brand. But the sales they make on their Web site.
    Why is that? I’m still investigating it.

  6. Hi there,I like facebook for marketing more than other social networking sites.Thanks for sharing the tips,these tips are helpful for many readers.

  7. I have started to build the “ideal consumer profile” for my site and I hope this will help me choose a monetization for my blog. I will try to see also how Facebook can be integrated into the picture. Thanks!

  8. Facebook marketing? this is great I need this one, I must tell my friends about this.

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