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Ensure Your Kids Are Using Social Networking Responsibly

1The use of social network sites such as Facebook has risen tremendously in the last two years, and almost every child over the age of 6 or 7 seems to have their own page. This is an incredibly useful and very entertaining way for our kids to stay in touch with each other remotely. But there is another, less attractive, side to facebook and twitter. Cyber bullies and predators are sadly causing a lot of problems for our kids and teenagers and we really should try to do something about this.

Before Social Networking


This type of problem existed long before social networking came into existence. Internet chat rooms have been around for some time and they faced a similar issue regarding people misusing the facility for their own cruel entertainment. One of the biggest problems that parents faced, and still face today, is that these bullies and perverts can assume a false identity to gain our children’s trust.

How Serious Can It Be?

Sadly the danger our kids can be exposed to is pretty harmful and often ends up in police becoming involved. It has been known for children to self-harm themselves just to avoid going into school and meeting these bullies. The best way to avoid this nightmare scenario ever happening to your child is to stop it before it ever occurs.

Vital Information


When our children create an online profile, they usually add photos and sensitive information as part of their information database. Often, phone numbers are also given out and it is easy for the predators to glean even more facts from our kids. Some of the more aggressive paedophiles will find out where our children go to school and actually stalk them. This terrifying and disgusting behaviour needs to be stamped out by us, before it actually begins.

How To Protect Our Kids


First of all, we should assist our children when they build their profile for these social media sites. Instead of using a recent photograph, we can suggest that they use an avatar or upload a fun picture. This will automatically reduce the risk of an undesirable character from noticing our child online.  We should also advise them to limit the amount of personal data they enter on the profile page.

Talk To Them

It is fairly normal for our children to question why we are interfering with their fun activities. We have to explain to them that there are some real dangers when using these sites, and let the information sink in. Hopefully they will understand and start to act in a more responsible manner.

Friend Or Foe?

Many of us who use Facebook seem to have a lot of friends who we have never even met. Quite often a photo of a stunning young lady will be enough for a red blooded male to add them as a buddy. It is the same for our kids, we need to educate them that a lot of ‘friends’ are nothing of the sort.  Behind that 10 or 15 year old’s photo could be a predator just waiting to pounce.

Why Use Facebook?


Despite all of the possible dangers, Facebook is an excellent application that allows our children to express themselves. If they can abide by our rules, as stated above, there is no reason why they can’t continue to use this site and they may also learn a valuable life lesson along the way!

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  1. It is not wrong to be involved with social networking sites even for children, but we should be responsible and as much as possible we should monitor and teach children how to do it in a good manner and never abuse it. somehow many got addicted to thing that can affect not only their studies but also to their own life.

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