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Dizeo Presents: Child Safe Social Media

In a world where parents often don’t find out about popular websites until their children have already stopped using them, many are concerned about the unrestricted flow of information now available to young children, as well as the safety issues raised by allowing them unrestricted access to social areas of the net. Dizeo is hoping to help alleviate some of those concerns, by providing a safe, moderated environment for young people (between the ages of 8 and 13) to meet and interact online.

Children are inquisitive by nature and in the digital age it can be very difficult to stop them from creating their own profiles on sites that they find interesting, particularly social sites like Facebook which they have probably seen adults visiting quite regularly. Encouraging children to become part of their own online community is the best way to ensure they stay within a relatively safe environment, as once they become happy within a certain online ecosystem there are far less likely to travel outside of it.

Dizeo does everything you would expect from a social networking platform, members can write posts, publish pictures, link to videos, etc. However, as this is a child orientated site there are also areas to talk about school related subjects, staffed by specialist tutors who can provide assistance with homework and links to safe information sources that the children can use for research.

Currently all content that gets posted by young members directly onto the site requires approval by a moderator before it will appear. Should a child’s post get rejected due to being inappropriate, they will receive a message explaining why the post was not allowed onto the system, so that they can learn what kind of content is and isn’t appropriate. All staff moderators have undergone extensive background checks to ensure that they represent absolutely no threat to the children, as members safety and privacy both being of paramount importance to the company.

Unlike other social networking platforms, Dizeo is not advertising supported, instead it makes money by charging users a membership fee for access to the site (between $10 – $15 a month). If you have more than one young child in the family, additional subscriptions can be set up at a reduced cost

I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea. Young people have long needed a safe online social environment they can operate within, now finally they have one. If you have any internet addicted pre-teen children of your own, I would definitely recommend giving Dizeo a try.

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