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Create and Share Your Life Lists


You might think this is another crappy list-based website but in fact My Life List offers quite a new and unique concept: it allows members to create lists featuring their prominent events in life (either planned or those that already happened).

If you are listing a past event, you can add your photos and describe your emotions.

If you are adding an event you plan to happen, you will be able to list things you should do to make it happen.

Of course, you are free to share your experiences, emotions and plans with other members and the whole world.

I like the logo of the site very much as it makes me feel happy and free. The site has simple appealing design and structure that corresponds to the overall mood. All in all, I give solid “A” to this start-up and hope it will grow into something huge.

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  1. Margerine Apr 22nd 2009

    Have you heard of this place? It looks like a more mainstream suicidegirls and curious if you could review it or find the scoop?

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