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Automation Proclamation

Twitter has released an update in their terms of service; one of the most highlighting factors is the restrictions on automation. Now it is still permitted to automatically tweet your RSS Feed, schedule updates for later and even automatically tweet an activity, such as a new video being uploaded to your YouTube channel. This update does affect a platform called Triberr, and I have no doubt it has also affected others.

Prior to the update, Triberr gave its’ users to either have to manually approve posts or allow the platform to post automatically. Personally I had the setting to automatic purely for the practical side of things. Twitters’ new TOS states that users have to approve each post before it is sent, only when the Tweet mentions a Twitter user, for example @laustinseo.

I can understand why Twitter has made this update and it will no doubt help the social network in the long run in terms of spam and quality of the network. In Triberrs’ defence, users did have the option to auto tweet and in a way that was permission to post every tweet from Triberr.

My hat goes off to Triberr, they have followed Twitters’ rules closely which shows an essence of maturity in the matter because many people, including myself, would try and dodge this and come up with a sneaky way to get past this update. Triberr have simply made it so all users must approve each post. Another great example as to why Triberr is a great platform. Not only in terms of the platform, but also with its administration and team.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words on Triberr. I chuckled when I read the thought of dodging the policy and finding a sneaky way to work around the update. Truth be told, we did consider all possibilities, but at the end of the day we didn’t want to live in fear that Twitter would one day block our API access completely.

    I think this is actually a blessing in disguise for the Triberr community. For a long time we’ve said, “We want to be more than a Twitter app. We want to be multi-platform, we want to grow the community, we want to add other tools and value apart from syndication”. Well, this change was just the nudge we needed to kick that vision into high gear.

    Keep an eye out for these changes to be announced over the next few days.

  2. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for new news on Triberr, everything thats been done on there is just brilliant and it really does help all of its’ users. I can’t wait to see how Triberr expands and develops in the future.

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