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My Blog’s a Survivor Because I Use Triberr

Excuse Destiny’s Child-inspired pun but Triberr is something that will really push your blog up to the next level. What is Triberr? Triberr is the reach multiplier, the higher your reach is, the more your articles are seen by Twitter users, and the more active you are on it, then the more your reach will amount to. A huge bonus of having a large reach is that your articles will be seen by people instead of just gathering dust.

Triberr takes all updates from your RSS Feed and not only posts them to your Twitter account but all the other Twitter Feeds of your tribes mates. So if you only have a few hundred followers and everyone else in your Tribe has a thousand in total, this means you will have access to that thousand plus your original followers.

Having this reach will really improve how much attention your blog gets. Before I turned to Triberr I was receiving roughly 3 ReTweets per post, and that was if I was lucky. Now I receive somewhere between five to fifteen RT’s, which is a huge improvement on what it was previously.

Another great part of Triberr is it shows how many people clicked on your link from the automatic Tweets, but one fault is that it doesn’t show bounce rates and so on but it is good to see how many people are going to your blog.

Triberr is still only in its beta version so it is an invite only system but if you regularly blog about SEO or social media you are welcome to apply for my Tribe; if you mention me on Twitter I will send you the invitation.

The Triberr interface is clean, crisp and easy to use. It must be said that it changes quite frequently, again because of the beta phase. However the current stage it is in is very usable. The best way to get used to the platform is to experiment with it.

Once you’re on the platform, you can begin to expand your own Tribe, which is something everyone should do. Once you get a few good Tribes mates, you will really start to see the benefits of the platform and how much it can really improve the amount of traffic you receive from to your blog.

Triberr has more benefits than just sending more traffic, it will also help to increase your number of followers. If you continue to appear on other Twitter users’ walls then their followers will naturally become curious, especially if they have been reading your posts.


All in all, Triberr is a great tool and if you’re not already using it I urge you to give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself!

Lewis Austin wrote this article, he is the social media manager for SEO Positive and if you want to know more about SEO Positive, then visit their blog or follow them on Twitter

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  1. Great write up, Lewis. This is why we made the give the small guy a fighting chance.

    Keep on swinging, bro :-)

  2. Thanks so much DD! ive found triberr to be of so much help to my articles and I think it something that everyone with a blog should be on ! :)

  3. I like use triberr too! And I like they theme))

  4. Well this a very informative one and let me take a ride to. Thanks for adding up to our knowledge….will get back after testing triberr and will let u know the results. Thanks again

  5. No Problem Jane, i am really glad that you found use of it and if you have any trouble getting access or using triberr, just contact me on twitter, my username is laustinseo , and i will do my best to help you.

  6. Love using Triberr too. Helps a lot in increasing my reach and the traffic to my site. I’ve been recommending it to others to and they too have loved the way it has changed their blogging. Thanks for the informative share.

  7. Love using Triberr too. Helps a lot in increasing my reach and the traffic to my site. I’ve been recommending it to others to and they too have loved the way it has changed their blogging.

  8. @John, i dont think there are any reasons anyone can dislike using Triberr because even for those who dislike the auto tweet feature, they can set to approve before tweet. Triberr really is the reach multiplier !

  9. I heard Triberr is turning off auto-tweeting??

  10. Thats right Roy, i will be blogging about this soon so ill keep you posted =)

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