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How things get done in this type of Advertising?

  • When a company has to advertise its products and services, like any other company, devises a chart that defines the locality of the product, demand and supply of the product. Once the derivation of the chart is done, the company approaches the required social networking websites and contracts with them to host ads on the pages.
  • A user defines his geographic area in the profile or pictures or the page that he owns. This makes the companies to understand where a particular user is from. If the located geographic area fixes the advertising problem that the company might be having, then the ads are hosted on those particular pages. Thus, attracting a specific area of targets.
  • Briefly follows a concept called, Pipes and Filters. What happens in Pipes and Filters is that, the information is sent through the pipes and the filters separate the information into the designed category.

Are all advertising links trustable?

  • Not all advertising links can be trustable. Many users fall victims to the cleverly placed ads that encourage spamming and vulgarity.

Advertising Links Differentiation:

  • When a certain company hosts an ad, it tends to develop unique graphics and ideas. They are placed at a much higher rate.
  • On the other hand, the spam links tend to appear at random times and most commonly used the pop-up windows approach.
  • A genuine link or an advertisement will only lie in the respective geographic area that the product is needed in and will appear in a particular category search.
  • A spam link tends to appear randomly at any place and time without respect to its geographic or demographic location.

Categorization of Social Networking Services:

The Social Networking Services are divided into Website, User Interfaces, Tools, General, Applications, Implications, and Protocols.

Ad Hosting types on Social Networking Sites:

  • Concepts like liking, polling, reblogging, hashtags, groups, pages, activity streams help in implementing advertising via social networking sites.
  • A discrete user profile, comparison of software, online identity, and virtual community is also some of the general implications that are used by the publishing company on the media sites.

Some of the advantages of advertising on social networking sites are:

  • The self service ads give control in your hands. These ads contain a link, brief copy, image and headline. It takes very less time to set the ad. But you should know your goals and expectations clearly and then define them and create a budget. Click per ads are recommended. You can monitor your budget daily. In self service ads you can change the budget, copy, reach, etc. as you want to get more clicks and maximise your campaign.
  • Advertising through Facebook gives you an idea about the location age, gender, interests, education, etc. So you can advertise according to your goals.
  • You can set a budget that suits you and make changes in them as per your requirement. At first you can set a small budget. Later you can change your budget depending on the performance. You can also go for the option of payment only when a viewer clicks your ad. You can also cancel the ad if it does not work out for you.
  • If someone clicks your ad and goes through it on Facebook, the user’s friends will also be notified about it. So more people will check out your ad. It is like spreading your business by word of mouth.
  • If someone comes across your ad and clicks it and takes some action or makes a purchase and likes it, he or she may recommend it to their peers. The ad can be shared among friends.
  • Social media can be used for online campaigns where there will be more interaction and engagement. You can also start a contest which will make people to go through your ad.
  • Social media has a lot of power to drive traffic to your website.
  • The search engine rankings increase for those who used prolonged social media ads.
  • Social media are very useful in gaining business partnership.

You should be aware of certain disadvantages like:

  • Wrong online brand strategy can damage your reputation. A mistake made online can be viewed by thousands of people.
  • You should have a clear idea about the social media you are using and also about the target audience so that your goal will be achieved.
  • Social media can affect worker
  • Productivity in a negative way.
  • Excessive use of social media can have negative effect on the mental and physical health of individuals.

So if you keep these things in mind you can get maximum benefits from your ads in social media. The following Wikipedia article gives further details on ads in social media-

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