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5 Steps Avoiding Social Media Blackmail

Years ago, it was difficult for ordinary individuals to get the attention of the masses. Today, social media makes it possible for anybody to become popular through the Internet by getting others to follow them through social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.

This is well and good, however, exposing oneself to others virtually has negative repercussions. Social blackmail or cyber-blackmail, just like online banking fraud, is a criminal act. By putting your privacy online, you are opening the way for blackmailers to enter. Learn to protect yourself; here are 5 steps avoiding social media blackmail.

About Social Media

Social media uses the website and mobile technology to make communication like an interactive dialogue. It allows Internet users to create and exchange generated content.

By using the essential accessible communication techniques, social media has transformed communications between communities, organizations, especially individuals. But this innovation has been abused and misused as a tool to commit crimes as a novel way of exploiting innocent victims. Thus, old wrongdoings are given a new twist through the Internet.

The Negative Side of Social Media

The Internet has given mankind the highest technology to do almost anything but it can be the most potent tool to commit crimes. When you open your privacy through the social media, you are exposing yourself too much. It is hard to protect your privacy online. Be prepared and learn the 5 steps avoiding social media blackmail.

What is Social Media Blackmail?

This is a criminal act in which a depraved individual uses information he gathered from social media to threaten a person to do what he demands or the victim will be exposed to society. Blackmailer’s demands may not only be monetary but acts that are immoral and criminal. Most victims prefer to meet the blackmailer’s demands to avoid public exposure. According to statistics, 43% of teeners in the U.S. have been victims of cyber blackmail.

5 Steps in Avoiding Social Media Blackmail

It is very common for people these days to become blackmail victims online. Social media services are not to be blamed but the way they are being used. Here are 5 steps avoiding social media blackmail:

  • If you do not want something to be known avoid putting it online. Do not write your personal thoughts about anybody in your social media account as it is read not only by your friends but others who know their way around the Internet.
  • Avoid uploading pictures of yourself and what valuables you have as it is the easiest way to invite blackmailers, stalkers, hijackers, kidnappers and scammers in your life. You will be easily identified wherever you go.
  • Adjust your social networking so only your friends can see private information about you. Do not post your phone number, mobile number, email address, street address and any personal information in the Internet. You real friends know your phone number and where you live.
  • Avoid communicating with anyone other than legitimate, bonafide friends; at least verify communication from new people. Even in the Internet, do not talk to strangers.
  • If a message looks dubious, delete it. Do not click on links unless you are absolutely sure what they are.

Now that you know the risk involved in social networking, you will keep in mind the 5 steps avoiding social media blackmail.

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