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3 Unbelievably Stupid Mistakes Small Businesses Make With Social Media

Social media has been around for a few years now. Yet, small businesses and small business owners still don’t understand how to use it properly. I continuously see small businesses engaged in strategies that can only be named stupid.

If you are a small business owner, or just someone from their marketing team and want to improve your social media marketing then read the following rating of most common social media mistakes. Hopefully you can avoid making any of them, or at the very least stop what you are already screwing up.

Number One: Buying False Fans/Followers/Likes

Too many times have I seen a small business owner or someone from their marketing team purchasing superficial fans or followers. What is the point of them inflating their numbers I do not know. When you are a small business you should be focusing on the customers that you already have. Artificially inflating the number of followers you have on Twitter, or purchasing fans for your fanpage on Facebook isn’t going to get you actual customers. Just people who have clicked a button.

Number Two: Social Media Is Not 5 Minutes

If you are aware with what Media is then you know you can’t build a social media presence in 5 minutes. You need a  lot more time than that. You will have to either dedicate someone to do this job, or hire out a freelancer that can manage your accounts and networks. A lot of the time a small business owner will simply set up a page or account and update it once a week. Maybe twice if they feel they have enough time. Social media is a part of your business. It should be taken seriously and considered to be a marketing avenue; use it!

Number Three: Follow Your Customers

Who cares if you have a Facebook page when your fans are on Twitter. Why do small business owners believe they should be everywhere is beyond me. While its great to have a presence on as many social media websites as possible it  does not make sense to be where your customers and potential customers are not. Focus on the actual websites where your customers are talking about you and your competitors. Branching out is fine but you should spend more time where you know it counts!

Now you know what you shouldn’t be doing. Just do the opposite and see what your results are. I promise they probably will not be the same ones you have been seeing.

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  1. I agree, there’s no sense of buying fans/’ll never know one day they are gone because it’s not their willingness to follow you.

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  3. These are interesting tips. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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